Stressing the Arm Isn’t Always Bad

By Jonathan Massey-


When is a professional pitcher at the highest possible chance of going down with an arm injury? Most would say it is later in the season as the workload of the season begins to pile up. Most would be wrong.


A professional pitcher is far more likely to go down in spring training with an arm injury than in September. The reason for this is that most professional pitchers begin throwing in January, believing that they can just ease into spring training. Yet when they show up for their first bullpen, their coordinator is there, the director of player development is there or someone else who could possibly make a decision on their career is there. There is no ‘easing in’ at that point, and their soft tissue simply isn’t ready to handle the stress.


We all intuitively know that if we want to strengthen something, we have to stress it beyond its current capability.


If we want to lift more weights, we go to the weight room and stress our muscles. Then eventually over time we get stronger, but in order to keep getting stronger, we have to keep adding more weight or stress to muscles. If we want to be able to run more miles, we do the same thing to our cardiovascular system.


Yet often in the baseball world, especially in pitching, we think avoiding stress is the key to having longevity.


The key is to prepare the soft tissue to handle the stresses that come along with pitching on a regular basis, and to do so over an extended period of time.


As the calendar turns to 2019 it means that baseball season is just around the corner. The time to begin the preparation for your season is now. The more time you give yourself to build the soft tissue up, the more you can reduce the likelihood of injury.


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