Stories Behind the Story

The 2014 Super Bowl did not muster the excitement that many hoped for in a Championship game, at least not after the first quarter and certainly not if you were rooting for the Broncos.

People can debate all the X’s and O’s.  They can discuss Peyton Manning’s place amongst the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks.  They can pontificate on Russell Wilson’s bright future.  I, however, found some others stories to be much more interesting and applicable to baseball/softball and everyday life.

The first one is about Seattle’s fullback, Derrick Coleman.  Coleman has been deaf since early childhood but did not let his lack of hearing prevent him from reaching his goal of being a professional football player, the first deaf player to play on the offensive side of the ball and now the first deaf player to play in a Super Bowl.

Here are two different YouTube clips, the first a commercial depicting his story and the second a short human interest clip.

How about that for facing challenges head on?  My favorite line of his is “Being different to me is a good thing.  You don’t want to be the same as everybody else.”

The next story is about Peyton Manning.  I’ve already mentioned that there have been all kinds of discussions on his legacy.  I realize they are hypothesizing about his football legacy but I think the following clip is really what we should be talking about when discussing Peyton’s legacy.

It’s often said, “It’s not about the destination but rather what you become along the journey.”  The previous clip epitomizes what Peyton Manning has become and continues to evolve as, a class act.

These two stories are the stories our young athletes, and for that matter all of us need to hear.  Please pass them on.

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