Last weekend Coach Wolforth was one of the speakers at the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association (WBCA) Clinic in Madison. I was able to make the trip with him. It was a very good clinic and as I joked with many of those in attendance we were especially grateful for the sub freezing temperatures and snow they provided while we were there
The WBCA had a terrific group of presenters and I was able to listen to a couple of them throughout the weekend. It was during a presentation by Bob Morgan, 11th winningest coach in NCAA history, that a line really hit me. He said, “Enthusiasm is like a coat of paint. It covers up a lot of mistakes.” I smiled as I thought to myself “How true”.
It reminded me of a written piece I was given in high school during one of my sports seasons. I went back into my scrapbooks, found it, and have made it the center piece of this week’s message.
I am the greatest builder in the world. I am the foundation of every triumph. I am the dynamo of human action. No matter what your position is, I can better it. My name is ENTHUSIASM.
I change the conditions of man and the destinies of nations. No one is proof against my power – ENTHUSIASM.
Put me to work within your mind and I will harness such ENTHUSIASM to your work that no force can block the road to your success.

Sink me deep within your mind, then draw upon my power. Use it well and you will become irresistible and every obstacle will be overcome, making your progress safe and your success assured.
Do not be afraid to use me. I am catching, and when you show me to the world, all mankind stand in admiration and lend their efforts to your support.
ENTHUSIASM brings success to you on a platter of gold. Breed me in your thoughts, graft me to your mind and I will show you a power so great that you will shout and laugh for joy. You see the way to actual realization of your good ambitions and every doubt and fear will be lost in the echo of your rejoicing certainty.
I can say to yonder barren plain: “Become a city” and it becomes a city. I can put glory into the meanest work and out of the lowest occupations create unheard of opportunities.
With all your getting, get me, ENTHUSIASM! I will take you soaring to heights undreamed of, and give you great rewards for honest labor. Grapple me to your heart with hoops of steel, for I am Master of Love, Confidence, Content and Riches. I am the unfailing guide to you Success. Forget me not. Put me in your mind today, now, and feel the impulse of my Power. Think my thoughts and I will touch whatever you do with my magic wand of gold. Use me, ENTHUSIASM.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Enthusiasm costs us nothing. There is no degree or experience required. You can have it and use it today!

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