Shortcut to Success

By Coach Flint Wallace-


As school is starting, or about to start, managing our time and creating a routine should be a top priority before we get too far in the weeds, fall behind, and have to play catch up. Often time the reason we get behind or do not continue to make progress is because of lack of planning. Proper planning is fundamental to success.


Here are a couple of quotes I really like that talk about “planning” and “failing”.


“Nobody plans to fail. They just fail to plan.” – Anonymous


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – John Wooden


Where most of us fail is in the planning. We do not plan out our day or week. We don’t plan when to get our workout in, when to do our homework, when to spend time with the family, when to spend time with our friends, etc.


We must figure out what is important to us, then make a plan on when and how to get that done each day. Give yourself the best opportunity to continue to grow and be successful. Spend a little time each week, say Sunday evening, planning out your schedule for the next week.


It’s important to also plan out how you are going to go about doing each activity on that schedule. Don’t just schedule a time frame to get something done, plan how you are going to go about achieving that activity. Often time, you schedule a time to do your workout or homework, but then you do not have a plan on how to accomplish it. The next thing you know, the allotted time is up and you haven’t really accomplished anything, or you go way over your allotted time and now you don’t have time, or are scrambling, to get something else done.


This often results in a ripple effect.  You have to stay up late, not get enough sleep, feel tired all the next day, which increases the chance that you will not accomplish what you need to do that day. It can become a vicious cycle, and it all could have been avoided with just a little planning.


Success does not happen by accident.  It must be intentional. You must figure out what you want to be “All In” on, and make a plan each day on how to do just that. Proper Planning is your shortcut to success.


Until Next Time…Keep Getting After It!


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We are proud of the fact that The Texas Baseball Ranch® has played an integral part in the development and success of so many young players’ baseball careers.  Knowing and working a plan is critical to that success.  We’d love to share with you the same training that helped them.  Our Fall/Winter 2019/2020 bootcamp dates have been set.  More information is available at or call (936) 588-6762.


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