Seasons Greeting Are Upon Us

By Alexa Lezak – 


As the holiday season is approaching, I can’t think of a better time to start introducing healthier habits into your life. My fiancé and I’s wedding is also just under a month away, so I am trying to kick the healthy habits into high gear! There are a few habits that are staples for me, especially when I want to be disciplined while working towards my goals. I thought I would share a few of those staples so that maybe you could incorporate them into your life too. (They could also make the “New Year” transition even easier!) By no means am I a nutrition or health expert, but I believe these habits are pretty simple and easy to follow.


1.) Drink Lots of Water


Now, I’m not saying to chug gallons of water a day. If I am not working out, I try to consume 64oz (half a gallon) of water per day! If I do work out, I will drink about double that. I have found that my body feels less bloated and so much better when I focus on how much water I’m drinking.


2.) Meal Prep


And no, you do not have to eat bland and boring food in order to “meal prep”. In fact, I have found some really tasty foods that I personally love for meal prepping—anywhere from taco bowls to a hamburger salad (that tastes exactly like a burger minus the bun)! Besides that, meal prepping helps you stay the course even through the hustle and bustle of a busy week. I don’t enjoy cooking every night of the week, so having my meals prepared for me ahead of time is also extremely convenient and a must.


3.) 30 Minutes of Exercise


I try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. I know for me, sometimes I’m in the mindset that I have to work out for an hour+ at a high intensity to see results quicker. However, I’ve learned over time that I can get a great workout done in about 30 minutes. I also enjoy having low intensity days that consist of long walks, bicycling, or anything that is not as strenuous but still moves the body!


I’ve found that these 3 habits are key for me. Last year, I also began integrating these habits through the holiday season and found that the transition from all of the festivities to the new year was much simpler. I encourage you to incorporate some sort of healthy habits into your schedule going through the end of the year as well. Feel free to use some of mine or make your own!


P.S – Here is a link to one of my favorite healthy recipes that I mentioned in case anyone wants to give it a try!


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