Rome Was Not Built in a Day

By: Flint Wallace


I saw a saying the other day that I really thought is worth sharing. The saying was, “Rome was not built in a day, but it was worked on every day”. I thought it is a perfect way of describing how success is achieved. Success rarely, if ever, just happens overnight. When you hear the whole story of these so called “overnight successes”, you find out that person had worked day in and day out on their craft for years, and what you see now is because of all that work they have put in.


What I see from a lot of players I come across is that they think it is going to happen overnight. They are in search of the magic bullet. They don’t realize that there are no short cuts to true success. There is no time frame to success. Success comes from working with a purpose and drive each and every day. It is going to take time. How much time? I do not think there is an answer to that question. And if that is the question you are asking, then frankly, you are asking the wrong question. The questions you need to be asking are, what do I need to do today to help me reach my goal, who can help me with my goal today, what do I need to change in my schedule today to help me reach my goal.


What it comes down to is that you must spend time everyday working on your craft. You must do the mundane activities of your day to day process with passion and precision. Stop seeing problems, and start seeing opportunities. Reduce, or even eliminate, activities that are stealing valuable time out of your day; time that you could be spending on your goal. But most importantly, work on it diligently, passionately and fervently every day. And over time, that is how you build your own Rome!


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