Roadmap to Success

By Coach Flint Wallace –

I got this idea from the book, “Legacy” by James Kerr. It is a book about the All Blacks rugby team of New Zealand and how they create leaders and their successful culture. It is great read.


The idea I got from the book is to create a road map to daily self-improvement.


Basically, it is a plan on how you are going to make yourself better in all aspects of your life. You must have a plan.  Like Benjamin Franklin stated, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”


But I personally like the idea of a road map to daily self-improvement, rather than just a plan that is more like a checklist.  Because, with a map you can follow a different road or go in a different direction if the current way is not getting you where you want to go.  You are not just trying to get things done, you are on a journey, a journey to truly improve.


A personal road map is a way to help achieve marginal gains each day.  If you can improve just 1% in 10 different aspects of your life each month, then in 10 months (less than a year) you have made yourself 100% better.


You have to pick the areas you want to improve upon and map out the ways to do that. They may be physical improvements, mental improvements, relationship based, knowledge based, etc.


Choose several different parts of your life to work on, not just one area.


Make sure you pick areas that you feel need drastic improvement, as well as areas you are fairly good at already.


Allow this road map of daily self-improvement to be a living document.  Let it provide fresh goals. Let it lead you to new skill acquisition, let it be a way to push yourself harder and to achieve more.


Let all the different areas you choose represent different roads that all lead to the destination of a better you.


Until Next Time…Keep getting After It!



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