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By Jonathan Massey – 


How quickly things change.  Eighteen months ago, we had a single-training barn and a little red barn that doubled as our video analysis room and our office. Today we have two training facilities, a brand-new theater, a sand pit, pool, and in a couple of weeks, an actual bathroom facility. But amongst all these new things, one thing that often gets overlooked is our sign.

The reason I love it so much is because it proudly shows our motto, “Where you can dream as big as your work ethic will allow!”


As most of you know now, when I showed up for my first Summer Program in 2006, I had just completed my freshman year in high school throwing 68 mph. I was a soft body, non-athletic kid with a dream of throwing a baseball 90 mph. Outside of myself and my parents, there weren’t very many people who believed I could do it… yet Coach Wolforth believed I could. 


He believed I could do it when I was a high school senior throwing 81 mph…


He believed I could do it when I was cut by my 3rd college program…


He believed I could do it when my dad sat me down and had a tough conversation about how baseball ends for everybody at some point.


It was his belief in me that fueled my belief in myself, and eventually allowed me to surpass the 90-mph barrier at age 23. 


So when we say “Where you can dream as big as your work ethic will allow,” we mean it. And not only do we mean it, but we’ll believe with you. 


Now don’t misinterpret, never once did Coach Wolforth ever tell me it was going to be easy. He simply said you can be slightly better today than you were yesterday, and be slightly better tomorrow than you were today. And if you put enough of those days in a row, magic will happen.


 Space is limited in our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps! If you would like to join us this summer see if one of the remaining dates will work for you! Information is available at www.TexasBaseballRanch.com and click on the Events tab.


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