Plan of Action

By Flint Wallace-

Greatness starts with a goal.  Now that we are about two and half weeks into 2018, many people have already given up on their goal or New Year’s Resolution.  The reason most people fail to obtain or at least keep working towards their goal is because all they do is simply just come up with a goal, and hope they achieve it.  That is the problem, they don’t go quite far enough.  Greatness demands action, and it requires a plan on how to achieve it.  Like Coach Wolforth says, “Hope is not a plan.”


Coach Jon Beck (@CoachJonBeck) sent out a profound tweet on January 1st that says, “If you’re waiting for greatness to go on sale, it NEVER will. U have to pay the price that greatness requires. U practice deliberately & U get better. It’s very simple. Don’t just write down goals for 2018, write plans of action. Don’t chase after what U want, BECOME IT!”.


I believe many people are delusional about how greatness is achieved.  They think people that are great at something were just born that way, or are freaks of nature.  However, the truth is they are probably paying a price, or have paid a price, that you are simply not willing to pay.


To become great at something is really hard.  It takes a tremendous amount of work and sacrifice.  People achieve greatness by coming up with a goal and creating an action plan on how to achieve it.  They have a “Get To” attitude, not a “Got To” attitude about their action plan.  They view working out, practice, conditioning, eating right, getting enough sleep, studying, etc. as a privilege, not an obligation.  They seek out others that can help them accomplish their plan.  Then, they work that action plan until they become it.


So now go take the following steps:

  • Figure out what you want to be great at
  • Create an action plan on how to do it
  • Find people that can help you
  • Work that action plan every day with a “Get To” attitude until you earn it


Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!


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