Prioritize & Execute

By Coach Ron Wolforth-


We just finished our January Alumni camp at the Texas Baseball Ranch®.  We felt it was one of our very best Alumni events ever.  As with all of our camps, we begin the camp with 5 critical assessments:


-A Pain Audit

-A Recovery Audit

-A Performance Audit

-A High Speed Movement Pattern Assessment from 3 Angles

-Our version of a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The BRAT- (Baseball Ranch Assessment Tool)


From the results of those five assessments, the Ranch team constructs a customized plan for each athlete to follow, at minimum, the next 21 days.  This plan represents a very solid facsimile of the current ‘state of the athlete’ and the most pressing constraints, obstacles or limitations facing him at this particular moment in time.


Occasionally, we get a parent and/or an athlete who gets caught up not seeing the forest for all the trees.  They mistakenly think the purpose of the assessments is to create the ‘perfect’ pitcher.  As a result of this inappropriate goal, they often end up ‘majoring in minor things’ and spinning their wheels as far as their training is concerned.


One of our primary jobs at our Elite Pitchers’ Boot Camps is to educate our clients and their parents that ‘perfect mechanics’ or ‘one ideal mechanical model’ does NOT exist… and believing in that type of paradigm is not only the equivalent of ‘chasing the wrong rabbit’ but in fact, that path can at times lead to dysfunction and danger.


Consider this Swiss watch:

You can clearly see how intricate and complex its workings are.  Interfere with just one gear and you can disrupt or compromise the entire operation.


And I’m sure you all would concede that human beings are infinitely MORE complex than a Swiss watch.


Just as clearly, no two people… even identical twins… have the exact same mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, lever lengths, history, foundation, movement patterns, mindset or goals, etc.


Instead, we try to educate our clients and their parents that they are unique in the universe and therefore will continually require an absolutely unique process.  Our job is to assess, categorize and uncover the primary constraints or limitations our individual athlete is dealing with today… right now… right in front of him.


Our staff refers to it as: Prioritize AND Execute.


Leaders must determine the highest priority task and execute. When overwhelmed, fall back upon this principle: Prioritize and Execute.

Jocko Willink and Leif Babin


Jocko Willink, author of “Extreme Ownership” and a former Navy Seal, talks all the time about clarity of thought and prioritized effort.  He’s our source for the title of today’s piece: Prioritize and Execute.  Like Lieutenant Commander Willink, The Ranch team is continually focused upon clarifying and prioritizing our athlete’s process forward.


Our goal, each and every time we see our athletes, is to identify 1-2 things that are currently paramount with each individual athlete and his ability to organize his body into a dynamic, durable and productive contributor.


This process reduces the risks of ‘paralysis by analysis’, ‘over steering/ over correction’, corruption of the movement pattern and/or committing blood, sweat and tears to the wrong emphasis.


This process also allows us to commit and organize our efforts like a laser toward a desired goal or objective.  It’s not enough to simply work hard.  So many young men work hard to little or no avail.  At the Texas Baseball Ranch® working hard is a given… a beginning BASIC expectation.  A primary reason 330 of our clients have broken the 90mph barrier is not just because we work hard.  In our opinion, so many of our athletes succeed so spectacularly because they work both SMART… and HARD.

Case in point is Mitchell Mondro who broke the 90mph barrier for the first time at this January’s alumni camp.  He is #330.  Congratulations Mitchell, you’ve come so very far from your initial introduction to the Ranch last June.  We are so very proud of you and your efforts.  Now onto 95!


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We’ve wrapped up the winter events at The Texas Baseball Ranch®.  Now we turn our attention to the summer.
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