Our ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Moments

By Coach Ron Wolforth –



I wonder, how many of you in 2020 believe we are all living through a version of the famous Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Wonderland? Madness has replaced logic. Emotion and charged, vitriolic rhetoric has replaced civility and common courtesy. Arrogance and self-importance has overwhelmed humility and empathy. 


The freest people in the history of the world are locked down and have been encouraged and even in some cases incentivized to spy and inform on each other if their neighbors don’t comply to the local magistrate’s dictates. And these dictates were imposed almost exclusively without a vote or by the informed consent of the people they were enforced upon. 


In my opinion, social media has been the catalyst for feeding some of this extremism and our ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experiences. 


At TBR we use social media exclusively as a business tool for relationship building and education with our clients. Our message is 100% positive and yet occasionally we get trolls and muckrakers trying to draw us into a debate or argument. It is truly amazing how nasty some people can be to complete strangers.


I have never been a fan of or an active/regular participant in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat etc., etc. It immediately struck me as a true act of hubris that somehow what I think, how I look or even what I eat would be of interest to dozens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.


I readily admit that I might be in the minority, but I like social media even less now, if that is even possible. The poison that comes from it is sometimes breathtaking. It is also becoming clear that organizations like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are actually manipulating the format to shape public perception and opinion without their users knowledge. I find that disturbing to say the very least. 


Two years ago, Jill and I cancelled our cable much to the dismay of our children and grandchildren. In our opinion a vast percentage of the content on cable was either harmful or a complete waste of time. News shows have become pure opinion shows with very little true journalism/reporting remaining.


Sports have become shows of almost constant political expression. I personally don’t care where any player, coach, actor or social media personality that I do not know personally stands with regards to politics, sexual proclivities, religion or raising of children. And when I say, “I don’t care”, I mean I have ZERO interest in their opinion. And furthermore, I likewise would never ever in a million years presume to blather my thoughts to them on these subjects if I happen to be in the same room that they are.  All I would ask is the same respect. But I fear that sadly will not likely happen.


I have dear, close, personal friends that I know hold quite different political views than I do. I do not EVER try to blame or shame them regarding their views. I respect their right to have a perspective that differs from mine and all I ask is that they afford me the same courtesy. We can and do live together in love and harmony without having a homogeneous view on current events.


Today in our discourse, whether it is politics, baseball or pitching, I see a troubling trend emerging. I call it “The emergence of the 7th grade snotty kid syndrome.” We don’t debate ideas anymore without getting personal and nasty. It’s small. It’s petty. It’s non-productive. It’s divisive.


This perfect storm we are living through in 2020 too often leads itself to our surreal Alice in Wonderland moments, where ‘up’ is now somehow ‘down’, and ‘good’ is now somehow ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’ is somehow now ‘right’.


I vividly remember first reading and then watching Alice in Wonderland as a young child.  I must admit I found it very unsettling which was probably one of the major points for Lewis in writing the book. How can we survive and thrive in a very unsettling world surrounded by madness, ambiguity and different rules for different people?


The answer, it appears to me, is to always return to and practice the golden rule and no matter the static and acrimony from people hostile to your perspective, remain committed and resolute to what in your heart you know is the truth. 


Until Next Time,


Stay curious and keep fighting the good fight,


Coach Ron Wolforth


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Important TBR Updates


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