99.9% vs. 100%

By Tyler Tompson- 


The following passage was taken from one of my favorite books, Winning the Big One: Motivational and Team Building You Can Use written by Skip Bertman with Brian Cain:


“99.9% vs. 100%


How much are each of us giving each day? Are you giving everything you have—or a little less than your best? Most people think 99.9% is good enough to be considered giving it your all! Consider that if 99.9% was enough in other fields then…


  • The U.S. Post office would lose 400,000 letters every day;


  • Pharmacists would fill 3,700 prescriptions incorrectly every day;


  • 18 airplanes would crash every day;


  • Doctors would drop 10 babies during delivery every day.


…Now do you think it is too much to give 100% in practice, conditioning, the weight room, the classroom?!”


A very short and quick read, but I think that this is something we all can fall into from time to time.


There will be times where you are tired, sore, exhausted, etc. and want to give less than you have in the tank. That is natural. Giving less or putting forth less effort when you are physically and mentally able to give more, however, is unacceptable.


If you were up late studying and cramming for that 8am final and are only at 75% physically and mentally, then give 100% of that 75%—nothing less.


If you just got absolutely worn out by that morning strength training and conditioning and now have to go to full team practice, give 100% of what you have for practice—nothing less.


Don’t ever give less than what you are able to give.


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Important TBR Updates


  • Due to several requests, we have added 2 camps in October.  We will have a Columbus Day weekend Elite Pitchers Bootcamp October 10-12 and a Youth EPBC (ages 8-12 years) October 17-18.  For more information on these popular events, please visit www.TexasBaseballRanch.com/events. 


  • Response to our “Ranch Remote” training option has been exciting. It’s a program for people that would still like to get access to, and ongoing instruction from, the TBR staff but prefer to avoid travel due to the virus. Click here to get more information on this NEW, hyper-personalized training option.  Space is limited in this program and we only have a few spots still left so if you’re interested, don’t delay.


  • Like many of you, we have heard the news that many Junior Colleges across the country have cancelled their fall season and in some cases, the entire 2020-2021 athletic season. This obviously is both disappointing and frustrating for many young men. At the Texas Baseball Ranch®, we have decided to put into place a fall training program for those young men who would like to take a ‘gap’ year, focusing on a structured developmental program that will best prepare them for college baseball when it finally does return. Please email info@TexasBaseballRanch.com if you would like more information on this option.


Please call (936)588-6762 or email us: info@texasbaseballranch.com
for more details or to sign up for any of these options.

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