Learning How to Play

By Coach Flint Wallace-


I saw this tweet on Twitter a couple of months back from Les Nozzle (@TheLesNozzle) …


“When I was 11 years old I took piano lessons and I wouldn’t practice at home EVER! One of my last lessons my teacher Joyce Sokol told me ‘You don’t come here to learn to play the piano. You come here to learn how to learn how to play.’ The best advice ever is from my piano teacher.”


This is what players and parents must understand. You go to practice, or a lesson, or a camp not to learn how to pitch, or hit, or field… You go to those things to learn how to learn to pitch, or hit, or field. It is the player’s responsibility to take what he learns at practice, a lesson, or a camp and then go figure out how to apply what he learns to his personal training.


A team practice, or a weekly lesson, or a camp should not be the only time you are working on enhancing your ability. True development is done after you leave. The real training begins when the practice, lesson, or camp is over, when you are by yourself figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t.


You have to view what a coach or instructor teaches you as information and knowledge. It is not learning how to play, it is the tools that help lead to learning how to play. But it is the player’s job to use those tools to build himself into what he wants to become.


You have to take ownership of your development. Remember, there is no coach, instructor, trainer, or program that can make you better unless you take what you learn and do what it takes on your own to become better.


Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!


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The staff at the Texas Baseball Ranch® are teachers at heart and they take a great amount of pride in helping you learn how to learn when it comes to pitching.  It’s important to The Ranch staff to help you excel and move onto the next level; and then celebrate with you when it occurs. If that sounds like the type of people you or your athlete would benefit from being around, we encourage you to register for an upcoming Elite Pitchers Bootcamp and join us at The Ranch for a very special weekend.  Our next bootcamp is during the Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 17-19)  To learn more or to register, go to  https://www.texasbaseballranch.com/events/epbc/


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ATTENTION College Pitchers – We are once again offering a 1-week training session just before Christmas (Dec. 17-21) to give you a push and polish prior to the 2019 Spring Season.  For more information or to register, call The Ranch office at (936) 588-6762 or email info@TexasBaseballRanch.com.


ATTENTION Ranch Alumni – Our Alumni camp date has been set for January 12th & 13th. This is the perfect pre-season event to sharpen your skills.  At this 2-day event you will taking part our advanced level of training and work with our Power Core 360 bands, the V-Flex command training and our brand new FlightScope.  You can register at http://www.texasbaseballranch.com/events/alumni-pitchers-bootcamp/



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