Is Hope an Enemy?

By Samantha Parrish-


As Coach Wolforth referenced last week – we shared a ‘velo’ video on social media recently that drew quite a few comments.  One of the negative comments that stood out to me was about giving ‘false hope’.  I have heard a similar line on the phone quite a few times, “please look at my son and tell me if we are wasting our time”.  Coach Wolforth has described this question as making his ‘blood boil’.


Is there such a thing as false hope?  I think what the commenter was trying to say is “don’t build him up for something that may never happen.”  Similarly, the parent is wanting to save their son from heartache by finding out now if this is his path.  Oh if only life were that easy.  We would all love to know what the future holds and where we are headed.  I have prayed many times for the Lord to show me His plan and have yet to persuade him.  I read something once that said “sometimes the Lord only shows you enough to take the next step.  If He showed you the whole staircase it would scare you.”


Back to hope, are we giving players a false hope that they will make something out of baseball when the odds are that they won’t?  I would say, hope is not dangerous; hope in the absence of work is the enemy.  I don’t tell my daughters “you can be anything you want”, I tell them “You can do anything if you work hard enough.”  In the past 2 months we have had over 250 players train with us.  These guys are not sitting at home hoping to throw 90- they are sweating, in the Texas heat, in a metal barn, working to make it happen.  Whether or not they will hit 90, 95 or 100 I don’t know but I can tell you that that kind of dedication and determination is never wasted.  


Coach Wolforth often says “we are not just training baseball players, we are training men.”  One of my favorite athletes that has trained at the Ranch actually decided, after spending 10 weeks with us, that he did not want to play baseball anymore.  He wanted to be in the military.  He knew the work it would take to make a career in baseball and he decided that his heart was somewhere else.  I can guarantee you that he would not view that summer as wasted.  Hard Work is never wasted.  We gain benefits in ways we never dreamed.


I love seeing how the Lord uses our past experiences to shape our future.  We will never tell a player that they are wasting their time.  Statistically, yes, a small percentage of guys get to play in the Major League but who’s to say who those players are.  It has to be someone.  I love when Coach says “if we didn’t know Michael Jordan was going to be the best player that ever lived at 16, not just good- the best, how am I going to tell your son that he is wasting his time?”.


We encourage players to say “Why not me?” and then get to work.  It’s not hope, it’s hope+action.


Players, if you love baseball, and you love training, that’s not wasted time or energy. What you learn while you play may not make you millions but it will build your character and contribute to your life in many positive ways.  Parents, if our kids love something and want to put in the work- let’s let them.  Any success in life will come with its share of failure.  We can’t protect them from that but we can encourage them to give it their all.


Hope is only a bad thing in the absence of effort and I am proud to say that there has been no shortage of effort at the Ranch this summer.


Side note: After writing the email I noticed I quote Coach Wolforth quite a bit. Have hope parents; it may take 31 years but eventually your kids will realize you’re pretty smart.  I am blessed to have Coach Wolforth for a father and even though I’m sure I made him bang his head on the wall many times in frustration, I was listening.  :-) 


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