Why We Do What We Do – Part 2

By Jill E. Wolforth-


A few weeks ago I shared with you Part 1 of “Why We Do What We Do”.  It featured a young man by the name of Kyle Sisco who documented his story from his first visit to The Texas Baseball Ranch® to his finally throwing 90mph four years later and all the work in between. 


It’s very inspirational and we now share it at each of our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps because there are always one or two young men sitting in the audience that feel they are behind the eight ball and just need a little glimmer of hope.  Kyle’s story helps provide that.


This week, I have another special story to share.  This time, the young man, Ben Meyer is dealing with something a bit different.  He had to overcome a couple injuries and failure.  He was on the verge of giving up the game but something deep inside of him kept that from happening.


While at TBR this summer, Ben shared some of his story and some powerful thoughts that all young people should hear.  Take a look:


Ben had been to The Ranch before and truly loved it and his father later shared with us that his trip this summer was a final effort to see if he could get back to where he was and stay in this game that he dearly loved. 


The day he hit 90+mph for the first time on the radar gun goes down as one of, if not, the most emotional moment in Texas Baseball Ranch history and just another example of “Why We Do What We Do”.


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At The Texas Baseball Ranch®, our motto is “A Place Where You Can Dream as Big as Your Work Ethic Will Allow“.  If  your willing to work, we can provide the instruction and tools to help you reach your goals.  

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