High Performance Habits – Clarity

By Jill E Wolforth-


A couple months ago I received an email from Brendon Burchard of the High Performance Institute offering me a chance to take the High Performance Indicators Assessment.  The assessment, through a series of questions, would compare my performance habits to those of proven “high achievers”. 


In the assessment, six ‘High Performance Habits’ are evaluated and scored.  They include:

    • Clarity
    • Energy
    • Necessity
    • Productivity
    • Influence
    • Courage


It’s human nature to want to know how we compare to others so I was definitely interested in finding out how I stacked up. 


Although I have been quite successful up to this point in life, there’s a part of me that still routinely feels like I’m underachieving and not getting as much done as I could or should.  I often feel as though I’m struggling to juggle all the balls I have in the air and that one or more could drop at any moment.  This was another reason I wanted to complete the assessment, to try and see if there were an indications on how I might improve in this area.


Upon completion of the assessment, I received my scores and my lowest ranked category was ‘Clarity’ and thus the basis of this week’s article.


Interestingly enough, here at The Texas Baseball Ranch®, we recently made a decision to add a special emphasis in our training, beginning this summer, to help our clients start the process of really knowing themselves as a pitcher (or hitter).  We’ve lived the mantra of hyper-personalization but there is another level for this and that’s the individual’s ownership of really ‘knowing thyself’.


Knowing oneself, having real clarity on who you are and who you want to be, is important in all areas of our lives.


Following up on the assessment, I purchased Brendon’s book “High Performance Habits” to dig deeper into the entire topic.  The book was so good that I then got the audio version from his podcast for constant access and reinforcement of the information.


For me personally, the assessment was very accurate and the points made in the book extremely valuable.


Here are just a couple deeper questions shared in the book related to the subject of clarity:

  • Which things are you absolutely clear about that help you perform better than your peers?
  • What do you focus on to stay clear about what matters most?
  • What aren’t you clear about and how does that affect your performance?
  • What do you do when you are feeling uncertain or undirected?
  • What else do you know about yourself, beyond your values and strengths and plans that makes you successful?


There was a difference between high performers and others when comparing their answers to those questions.


As stated in the book “High performers had a great ability to focus on the future and define how they would achieve excellence…They consistently thought about who they wanted to be and and how to be become that.  They didn’t just know their strengths today; they knew what broader skills sets they would have to master in coming months and years to serve with excellence at the next level…they could also describe with great clarity how they wanted to feel in upcoming endeavors…”


Burchard’s summary was “We’ve found that high performers can articulate their “future self” with greater ease than others.  Tactically, this means they tend to have a faster and more thoughtful, confident response.”


I personally didn’t have really clear and specific answers to these questions and several others that were asked, thus reinforcing my need to work on this area.


With clarity we can more easily determine where our focus, time and energy should be placed.  It makes it easier to avoid distractions and stay on track.  It helps us to make decisions faster (and saying ‘no’ easier) because we know with more certainly how a particular choice relates to who we are and what we want.  


As with anything, awareness is curative.  Forcing myself to regularly and more deeply answer these questions has started bringing about more clarity.


I encourage you to go to the questions previously listed and see how quickly and with what detail you can answer them.  If you have hesitation or uncertainty, this would be a performance category for you to grow in.


If you’d like to take the High Performance Indicator assessment and find out how you score in all six HPI habits visit https://www.highperformanceinstitute.com/.


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