What The #@$& Are You Thinking?

By Jonathan Massey-


Excuse my language, but seriously.  If you already have your college commitment, then what is the point of playing summer ball?


One thing I’ve always loved about the Ranch is the no BS attitude by Coach Wolforth and the staff.  We’re going to tell you exactly how it is, where you are currently, and what it’s going to take to get to where you want to go.


As the Lead Instructor here at the Texas Baseball Ranch®, I see about 25-30 clients on a weekly basis, some who have been verbally committed to schools since their sophomore year in high school.  While I am incredibly proud of them because that scholarship is a product of the hard work they have put in on a consistent basis, I am always quick to remind them that scholarship is based on where they believe you are going to be 2-3 years down the road.  And if you don’t pan out… if you don’t develop like they believe you will, they won’t hesitate to pull that same scholarship.  I’ve heard schools calling kids the week before signing day saying they don’t have a scholarship for them.  It’s incredibly sad, but it’s the nature of the beast and it’s here to stay.


When weighing options, you should always discuss the risk/reward for each possible decision.  You decided to play this summer and you get hurt or for some reason your 88mph fastball is now 83mph, there’s a very good chance that your scholarship is now at a high risk of being pulled.  On the other end, let’s say you have the best summer of your life with your 88mph fastball now at 90mph and you’re mowing down hitters.  Do you really think TCU, LSU or whatever school you are committed to is going to up your scholarship?  They won’t.  They’ll just pat you on the butt and say to the rest of the world, “Yea, that’s our guy.”


I don’t know about you but for me, the risk/reward just isn’t there.  I’m not saying you can’t go play games this summer.  What I am saying is you should prioritize your training over playing in those games.  There are some events like the Area Code Games, PG All American game, etc. that can really help your professional stock and if you are invited to those things, be there.  But if you are playing in every single tournament this summer, that is a mistake in my opinion and putting your scholarship that you’ve worked so hard for at risk.


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