Having Patience During a Plateau

By Isaiah Trevino – 


You’re going to run into plateaus no matter what type of training you’re doing, and you’ll have to have patience to get through those plateaus. With any kind of goal and/or training – whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or gain velocity – you’re bound to run into some type of plateau. 


For a baseball-specific example, guys run into plateaus constantly when trying to gain velocity. For those who don’t have patience and don’t understand that this is going to happen, it can be a tough pill to swallow for a while. However, if we break it down and you were to gain, let’s say, five miles per hour in six months, you will be throwing about 120mph in a few years (which we all know is very, very unlikely). 


 So, from a velocity-gaining standpoint, what are you going to do when you run into a plateau? The first thing you want to do is have some patience and know that this is all a part of the process, and you will eventually get past it. The second thing is to be honest with yourself about how your arm feels in terms of pain. If you don’t have pain, there’s no reason to stop pushing forward. If you do have some pain, that might be why you’re in a plateau. Lastly, your body may need a different stimulus to get back on track in gaining velocity. 


Now, this baseball example is just one that I thought everyone would easily understand in the baseball world, but plateaus can happen with everything in life. It is important to acknowledge them and realize that you need patience in order to get through. While this takes time, it is important to learn to enjoy the process, especially during times when you are in a plateau. In the end, it can make everything a lot sweeter when you eventually do breakthrough!


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