Do You Take Baseball For Granted?

By Jill E. Wolforth-


In today’s day and age where so many things are readily available, we often fall prey to taking items for granted, often not even realizing it.


I was recently reminded of this while in New Zealand with Coach Wolforth.  We were there in conjunction with the International Sports Group (ISG) who provides coaches clinics around the world to help grow and enhance the game of baseball. We’ve been involved with these trips for many years having been to Germany, France, Sweden, Brussels and Italy. Although each of these trips reminded me of the blessings we have, by being involved in the game on a daily basis in the United States, something interesting took place in New Zealand that really brought the concept of taking things for granted to the forefront of my thoughts.


On the third day of the clinic, we were scheduled to meet on a baseball field so that we could take the coaches through some hands-on training.  There was nothing unusual about this until upon arrival at the field our host says, “Welcome to the ONLY baseball field in Auckland.”  Think about that, Auckland has a population of 1.7 million and has only 1 baseball field.  To top it off, she adds “And there aren’t any lights.”


Auckland’s only Baseball Field


I thought about the fact that we have a field on the property at the Ranch which as we commonly say is for long toss and some bp.  It’s a very below average baseball field from a manicured standpoint and yet it would be considered a dream field to the New Zealanders.    


It made me think back to a time when our son was about 16 and his travel team would practice twice a week at our facility. It was not unusual for one third to one half of the team to frequently miss practice.  The players simply took it for granted.


Again, I know there’s nothing new to reminding people not to take things for granted and this week’s article wasn’t initially going to cover this topic until, within 48 hours of returning from our trip to New Zealand, I came across the following YouTube video which reinforced the point.  Click the link and have a look:

First, I think you would agree with me that this (Beep Baseball) is a really neat thing and second, it just adds to the power of baseball being America’s Pastime. 


May we continue to appreciate and be grateful for all the game has to offer!


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