Be Generous With…

By Jill E. Wolforth-


Almost everyone has faced some type of challenging circumstances the past several months and many people are still dealing with them.  When times are difficult, it can be very easy to fall into negative thought patterns and behaviors so having positive influences and support are very helpful


Last month in a Twitter post, Coach Wolforth made shared the following “we have been in this position countless times in human history and the answer will always be the same…treat others like you would like to be treated, there’s no right way to do wrong things and counter evil with love, humility and empathy.  There is so much truth in that statement.  It’s good to reminded.


As we continue to wonder what’s in store for our lives over the next weeks, months and even year as it relates to work, travel, sports, school, etc., I thought I’d share another great message I heard recently…


“Be Generous With Your Compliments and Stingy With Your Complaints” – Joel Olsteen


Whether you like Joel or not, I hope you would agree, this is a powerful statement.  Upon hearing it, I immediately said to myself, “Whoa – let that sink in for a minute.”


It really made me stop and think.  If I were to do a daily inventory of my behavior, which side of the ledger would have more tally marks?  I had to admit that too often the scale was tipped in the wrong direction.


When we come face to face with difficulties, setbacks, loss or something similar, it can be very easy to make excuses and complain about our situation.  And although it might not be easy, we should limit our complaining as much as possible and be grateful for the blessings in our life no matter how small they may seem. 


I encourage you to take a couple minutes and do your own self-evaluation and if the scale tips in the wrong way currently, make a commitment to yourself to change the balance.


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Important TBR Notes & Updates


  • We know that everyone is excited about getting back to baseball and playing.  With that said, ramp up is going to be critically important after the long break.  In addition, the NCAA has extended the dead period to July 31 so college coaches are not allowed to watch or have any contact with players.  Keeping both of these things in mind, getting to the Texas Baseball Ranch® can be extremely valuable over the next several weeks to players’ preparation and ultimately performance.  Read more below or check out our current & upcoming events at


  • We have 3 remaining EPBCs on the schedule for this summer with the next one taking place July 17-19.  Due to current COVID-19 state mandates, we are only accepting 24 athletes per camp through July instead of our normal 45 and they are filling up fast. For more information on these popular events, please visit We are also loosening up our cancellation/change policy so that people can be comfortable in making plans now in the face of current & future uncertainty. ** We also have an option for you to extend your bootcamp weekend and stay for an additional week(s) and participate in our “Extended Stay Summer Developmental Program”.



  • Response to our “Ranch Remote” training option has been exciting.  It’s a program for people that would still like to get access to, and ongoing instruction from, the TBR staff but prefer to avoid travel due to the virus. Click here to get more information on this NEW, hyper-personalized training option.  The number of participants in this program is limited to 36 so if you’re interested, don’t delay.

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