Are You Afraid of Success?

By Jonathan Massey – 


Two weekends ago, we hosted the 21st Annual Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp. It has always been one of my favorite events because I get to reconnect with many coaches who I haven’t seen in a while, and there is always a wealth of information presented. This year was no different. 


This year, one of our keynote presenters was Brian Kight. Coach Wallace has referenced his Daily Discipline emails in previous blogs, so getting to meet him and hear him present was something I was really looking forward to. 


About halfway through his presentation, he was talking about how he is continually surprised by how many aren’t afraid of failure… they’re afraid of success. My initial thought, which is probably similar to yours, was, “That’s weird. Who would be afraid of having success?”


Then, as he explained, I had this “Aha!” moment in which it made complete sense as to why people are afraid of success. He says people are afraid of success for two reasons:


  • While being average is easy, being average doesn’t require hard work. Most importantly, being average is attainable. We don’t have to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone and risk failure to attain being average.


  • Being average is repeatable. Being successful at something one time can be chalked up to being a fluke or being lucky, but when you repeat it for a second time, it then becomes the standard. Most people don’t want to have to live up to that standard of greatness on a regular basis. 


I see this all the time when guys are trying to gain velocity. They simply refuse to lay it all on the line because there is a chance that A) they could throw it slower and therefore be embarrassed or B) they could actually break a record and now be held accountable to that higher standard. 


Success isn’t something to be afraid of. Instead, it is something that we should strive for. Does that mean sometimes we will come up short? Absolutely! We are human beings. However, we shouldn’t lower our standards so that we can “succeed” every time. If you’re not failing, then you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, then you aren’t succeeding.


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