A Letter to My Dad

By Ron Wolforth-


April 1st makes it the 8th year I have had to live on this Earth without you Dad.


I miss you every single day.


I know that might even surprise you. You were never the warm and cuddly type. You were always tough, frank and no nonsense.


You never hesitated on sharing with me your version of the harsh reality that was out in front of me.


You offered zero “hot air up my skirt” or fancy “pie in the sky” rhetoric. To you… things were simply what they were.  The interpretation for what my life efforts meant… was up to me to decide.


Your constant advice: shut up. Strap it on. Pick up your lunch pail and your thermos… and go to work. Every day!


Don’t whine. Don’t complain. Don’t make excuses.


Do your job. Do what you say you are going to do.


Don’t look for short cuts or scapegoats. Simply OWN your life. And if things weren’t going like I’d like them, change them.


Don’t look to the government. Don’t look for others to pull me out. Look inside.


Self-reflect. What do my behaviors say about me? 


You would be so proud of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, Dad.


I even believe one of them will eventually become something you would have been especially excited about… a professional baseball player.


Regardless of your progeny doing very well, I wanted to share with you what I think is YOUR legacy to our family.




You NEVER had a fake or contrived moment that I ever witnessed. 

There was never any pretense about you. EVER.


No spin… No manipulation… No deception… No posturing.


I KNEW without question when you were mad at me… proud of me… disappointed by me… and hurt by me.


You ALWAYS showed the world your true face.


By watching you, you taught me what it was to be true to myself… to be genuine.    


Many times, it wasn’t easy. You were criticized. You were made fun of. You said things you would later regret. You wore your emotions too often on your sleeve. 


You were not a sophisticated man.


You were not charming or debonair.


You were gruff and raw.


Yet I never ever doubted where I stood with you.


I know you were proud of me… even though it was not your way to say it.


Just know Dad, that I miss you every single day. I miss your laugh. I miss your intensity. I miss the twinkle of your intense blue eyes.


But I wanted you to know that your gift of authenticity lives on in our family. 


Thank you, Dad.


It lives in me every single day.


I have made it my life’s work to run a business and a family with authenticity. To be genuine. With each other… with our clients… and with the challenges ahead. 


In a world filled with deception, pretense, duplicity, hypocrisy and posturing, I have dedicated my family and my business to going another way… to knowing who we really are and following that calling with our whole heart.


I love you and miss you… but today… my message is simply… thank you. Each day I live on makes me more thankful for your modeling what it means to be a genuine and authentic person. It is so lacking in our world today.


I look forward to the day we can take long walks together again and I can share with you what I’ve learned since you left.


And finally Dad…Yes I know I’ve got lots of work in front of me. I’m on it.  


Your Son,




– – – – – – – – – –


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