You Can Keep the Frosting Brother, I Want to Taste the Cake


By Coach Ron Wolforth – 


The manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, Mike Matheny, told reporters before the 2014 series with the Dodgers regarding the prospect of facing Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, “We respect everyone and we are in awe of no one. That is the Cardinal way.”


Bill Belichick is famous for saying to his players about a supposedly superior opponent, “Never believe the hype gentlemen. The game will always come down to US doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. Our opponent is simply our opponent.”


And our title today comes from the World Champion New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. They are no frills. They are no hype. They simply have been by far and away the best executing rugby team over the past 15 years.


I believe these are all parallel sentiments.  So often we get distracted. So frequently we get caught up in the hype, the spin, the show, the pretense and the ballyhoo.


We make good players into superstars and great players into gods.


Belichick, Saban, Meyer, Wooden, Brooks, Popovic and the All Blacks all are similar in their core approach.


They are NOT into comparisons, projections, hypotheticals, nuances or conjecture.


They are not into hype, splash, hullabaloo or spell.


They are completely obsessed with doing the ordinary things that win games extraordinarily well.


Far too often we are worried about our ranking or our status or what others are thinking about us. We are worried about how we compare to our competitive peers. We spend time trying to shape and manipulate our situations, our scenarios and our reputations.


A great deal of our energies can be wasted on the wrong things… namely, worrying about things outside of our direct control.


We find that many young pitchers that come to the Baseball Ranch® are often ‘afraid of the barrel of the bat’…and subsequently… they often find themselves behind in the count. Certainly, part of what we do is develop healthy, durable and electric arms, but part of what we do is instill in our pitching athletes the mindset to constantly and continually attack the strike zone.


Velocity, command, the sharpness and deception of your secondary offerings, the ability to recover and the mindset to continually attack the zone are not drills nor movements nor strategies. They are not some time things. They are ALL the time things. They are the ordinary things made extraordinary by hours and hours of deep purposeful practice. They are the cake… not the frosting.


If you find yourself spending your precious energy, time and resources on anything that isn’t absolutely essential… the best in sport’s history would almost certainly counsel you to keep those to an absolute minimum and to re-evaluate your priorities. As Stephen Covey would counsel us… “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”


Sometimes with all this media, showcases and social media… we get caught up in the hype and pretense.  In studying the very best in multiple disciplines, it is clear they behave differently.


They aren’t seduced by the icing, they are compelled by the cake.

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