Why I Left College Coaching

By Flint Wallace


This is Coach Wallace coming to you with my first ever blog post.  Since I have started at the Texas Baseball Ranch™ full time, in June of this past year, I have had several people ask me why I made the move and got out of the college coaching ranks.  My first response is to spend more time with my wonderful wife Anna and my 11 year old son, Cade.  Then my next response to that question is because I am truly excited about where the Texas Baseball Ranch™ is heading in the future and I want to be part of it.


The Wallace Family, Flint, Anna & Cade

Spending more time with my family and still getting to do what I absolutely love to do, helping young men reach their pitching potential, is definitely the best of both worlds.  Anna and Cade had made some serious sacrifices during my coaching career.  There were a bunch of nights that I did not get home before they were in bed, or I was out of town for games or recruiting.  I have had to miss several of Cade’s games or activities as well.  But, they were both there for me every step of the way.  Now I am home most evenings, except the few we are out of town doing clinics or at a convention.  I get to see most of Cade’s practices and games.  And when I am at the Ranch, they come out there and see me because it is truly a family environment.

This past weekend is a great example of something I could not have done before.  Cade had his first baseball tournament of the spring and a basketball game on top of that, in which they goth their first win of the season!  Saturday, Anna and I got to watch him play basketball and two baseball games during the college baseball season.  That would have never happened before.  Then he had another baseball game on Sunday.  Even though the baseball tournament did not go how we wanted it to go from a team standpoint, the weekend went absolutely fantastic for me.  I got to spend the entire weekend with my wife and watch my son play.  It was awesome!

Like I mentioned earlier, the next reason I made the change was because of where I think the Ranch is heading in the next few years.  I believe the Ranch is already leading the industry in concepts and application of those concepts.  In my opinion, we here at the Ranch, are about to make another giant leap forward in helping players to develop into a complete pitcher.  When Ron coined the phrase “Start with the Pain” it made us take a different look at how we approached each player.  That has lead us to help players in hyper-personalizing their approach to development.  I believe every player is unique, and they all need something a little different to maximize their talents.  In my opinion, that is what is so great about the Durathro System™; it will allow players to have some ownership in their development.  Also, I believe, with the Durathro System™, we are on our way in revolutionizing how that hyper-personalization approach will be evaluated, accessed and implemented.

So as you can hopefully tell, I feel blessed, both personally and professionally by my move to the Ranch.  And I am totally psyched about the future.  Good Luck this season and “Until next time, getting after it”.

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