What Message Are You Sending?

I’m guessing this week’s email is going to be more appealing to parents and coaches than players.  You’ll understand why in a minute.

Recently, I was driving from my son’s school to The Ranch, having just picked up Garrett.  We were listening to the radio and one of our local talk show hosts, who we really enjoy because of his vast knowledge and interest in such a wide array of subjects.  One day he’ll discuss music, another day politics, then another food or travel, sometimes serious, sometimes comical.

He often has days where he’ll have listeners call in and tell their story or experience related to that day’s subject.  This particular day was one of those.  His subject was basically “What lessons did your parents instill in you while growing up.”  There were a wide variety of answers as you can imagine.  I found most quite interesting.

For me, the answer was “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”  It was not just a nice slogan.  It was demonstrated by my parents with the daily grind of being cattle ranchers.  It carried over for my sisters and me with our 4-H, academics and athletics.

As we continued to listen, at one point, the host says, “So, we’re talking about the things your parents instilled in you.  What message(s) did they get across” when from the back seat Garrett strongly says, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

I was completely taken by surprise.  I thought “Did he really just say that?  Wow.  My 15-year-old son has that stamped in his head as the thing we’ve instilled in him.”  That was one of those parental moments when I said to myself, “Well Mom, you’re doing alright”.

From the time Garrett was little and there were challenges, big or small, I’d say, “Where there’s a will” and he would say “there’s a way”.  Now I will tell you he wasn’t always eager to finish the sentence; sometimes forcing me to repeat my part two or three times until he realized I wasn’t giving in and I’d get a sheepish, almost under his breath “there’s a way”.  There were also other times, as he got older, where he would, with a smartalic tone say, “There’s not a way”.  And we’d start again.  However, for the most part it’s been carried out as intended.

So, I ask you, “What message are you sending?”

It doesn’t have to be a quote or saying, it can be a philosophy.  Whether you’re a parent or a coach, you have profound influence over young men and women whether they’re eight or eighteen.

Ask yourself what was instilled in you.  Also ask your kids or your players.  Is it the message you want?  If so, great, if not, start fresh today remembering, it’s never too late to start.

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