Trust the Process

By: Samantha Parrish


I have heard Coach Wolforth say this phrase so many times that I often allow it to fly past me without really thinking of the meaning. In a time when everyone is looking for the ‘silver bullet’ or ‘magic pill’ this phrase is becoming increasingly important. You have probably read or heard this many, many times. Not following this advice is one of the main reasons many fitness and nutrition goals fall short. . We try a workout program or a diet for a week or two, we don’t see the results, and we move on to the next thing. We don’t give our process time…we don’t trust it.


What does that mean for pitching? Some athletes are quick to blame the process instead of really giving it the time it deserves. There is no quick fix, no magic bullet and 90% of the time you are not going to see immediate, consistent results. Positive results take time.


You are most likely to question your process during the season. Just because you have a bad outing does not mean you need to scrap your plan on Monday and start over. We often say at the Ranch, “No matter how we play over the weekend, good or bad, get back to work on Monday.” Games can give us indications that there might be some issues, but changing your plan every week only sets yourself up for failure because you aren’t giving your plan time to work.  It can be easy to let our performance get us down when it isn’t what we want. I encourage you to adopt this ‘back to work on Monday’ mindset. Results are slow and steady. Trust your process.


With another off-season coming up, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of the time to create a plan. Do your research in the beginning. If you take the time to develop a program specific to your needs, then the following weeks should be devoted to putting in the work. Do some research, figure out a path that will work for you, and get busy working the process. Along the way you can make small adjustments to the plan, but do not abandon it. Reassess every few weeks. Decide what really helped you and what you could not do without. Also decide what you could leave out and replace it with things you hadn’t thought of before. 


Prepare a plan this off-season as it relates to the results you gained last off-season. What position did it put you in after its completion? What parts seemed to help, what parts didn’t? Construct your plan knowing you can make small adjustments throughout.



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