To Reflection and Growth

By Pierce Jones –


As 2024 has begun, it’s a great time to look back on the previous year and see all you have accomplished.


Is it what you had in mind?


Did you achieve your goals and strive to improve in the areas you wanted to work on?


We often get caught up in the constant thinking of the future and what needs to be done next when, at times, it can be valuable to step back and look at the past for growth reasons. Find what worked well and continue with that, or see if you can edit whatever may need continued growth.


It’s okay to have missed some goals or not to have made some of the changes you wanted to make. However, reflecting on and understanding how to change that moving forward can be vital for you and your future.


What is not okay is just sitting in the mud and spinning your tires, hoping to become unstuck from a situation or problem. Of course, not everything goes as planned, and speed bumps always occur. So, know how certain obstacles could affect you going forward (and maybe even be eliminated) by looking back on this past year’s hurdles. If you can find a way to set your path and guide it in such a manner to avoid what you already know could happen, then you’re doing yourself a favor. (Instead of trying to iron it out when it eventually does occur.)


As I have already discussed in other blog posts from this past year, it’s time to set the short- and long-term goals moving into this new year. Find reachable goals, as well as ones that seem unattainable, in order to push yourself and create the mold you want to be and grow into.


I wish everyone a Happy New Year! We’re ready to get after it and watch the immense growth created in 2024.


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Important TBR Updates


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