Thinking Deeper When Looking Forward

By Jill Wolforth – 


One of the things that I am personally pleased with from 2020 is that I set a goal to read a book a month.  I not only accomplished that goal, I actually read 13.  In the past, I’d be lucky to get one, maybe 2 books read in a year.  


Why the big difference?  


I have always enjoyed reading but I have found it difficult to find the time to consistently read.  Isn’t that the reason why so many things don’t get done – we just don’t have the time?  But do we really not have the time or do we not make the time.  


We all can find time for something we think is important.  For example, if the water heater breaks in your home, do you find time to call and get it fixed?  Most definitely, because it’s now important to you.  We’re “motivated” to solve the problem.


The current book I’m reading is titled “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard.  In this book it says the following…


Our first step is to understand motivation’s root, motive, which means a reason for action. It’s the “why” we do something.  To develop a motive for action, our mind, with or without conscious guidance, filters through various thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and chooses from them a set of reasons to do or not do something.  Our mind’s clarity on and commitment to that choice dictates our level of motivation.  If we are clear and committed, we will feel high levels of motivation.  If we are unclear or uncommitted, motivation will be low.  From this process comes a simple axiom:  The mother of motivation is choice.


Really this should be no surprise.  The things which we choose to focus on and give our attention to, will be the things that get done.  Knowing this is the case, we need to be more intentional about what we are going to take action on and be very clear and committed to those actions.


So, as you look forward in 2021, I ask the following of you as it was asked to me in a recent mastermind group by our facilitator Scott Manning, 


For 2021 what do you want?


  1. More Of?


  1. Less Of?


  1. Different?


Next, answer the following:  My BIG, overreaching GOALS are…


I implore you not to just quickly read over these and give it a glancing thought.  Stop.  Go back, read them each again and write your answers down on a piece of paper.  Take the time to think about the questions and your answers.  Force yourself to think deeper as you look forward for 2021.  


You may be surprised at where it takes you.  More importantly, you give yourself the best chance of staying motivated for the year and the life that you desire.


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