There are No Traffic Jams…


By Jill E. Wolforth – 

I was doing some reading and research recently and came across this quote from the late Zig Ziglar, “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile”.

I immediately thought “Wow, that’s so true”. 

The interesting thing is everyone can go the extra mile but so few of us consistently choose to do so and that’s so unfortunate.  It really is simply a matter of choice, a mindset, an expectation.  It doesn’t require any special skills.  That’s what makes it extremely intriguing that so few people are willing to do it. 

This doesn’t mean going the extra mile is easy by any means.  Usually, it often requires working a little harder, ignoring naysayers, doubters and others that are threatened by you.  It may require you to get up after you’ve been knocked down, to study a little more, to sacrifice, to be tired (physically and/or mentally) and still do more.  It may require getting up early or staying late. 

Yet, really I think it just requires an awareness, a conscious choice and the mindset that “this is who I am. I am a person that goes the extra mile”.  I am a person that will do what others aren’t willing to do, whether that’s making sure my table is clean when I leave a restaurant, helping a person in the parking lot load groceries when it’s raining, writing and mailing (not texting or emailing) a Thank You note, cleaning out the dugout after a game, to putting in the extra baseball training after everyone else has gone home.  You get the picture.

If you simply take a minute or two, you can think of numerous ways that you can go the extra mile.  Start with one today and build from there.  I can tell you that it will be noticed and will eventually reap rewards, often in ways you don’t expect.


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