Summer Training

By: Samantha Parrish


With the promise of warmer weather on the horizon we are coming up on our busiest time of year at the Ranch- Summer! Every year I get a ton of calls asking questions on the different programs that we offer. I wanted to take this week to answer a few of those to help everyone make an educated decision for the summer. Obviously parents want to make the summer as beneficial as possible for their son and that means different things for different people.

For simplicity sake we have 2 different styles of training at the Ranch: Our weekend camps (2 or 3 days depending on the event) and our extended stay training program.

Our Elite Pitchers Boot Camps are our most popular program. They are designed to give your athlete the most amount of information and assessments in a short amount of time. We have 2 types of these:

  • The Youth Pitchers Boot Camp for ages 8-12 (we do 2 of these a year with one scheduled April 2 & 3)
  • The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp for ages 12-25 (there are 6 dates scheduled currently- you can view those here)

In these camps we separate the players into groups by age so they rotate through the camp in a small group of no more than 8- 10 players. Players will fill out a series of assessments upon arrival to the Ranch; they will also receive a video analysis by Coach Wolforth, and the Ranch’s version of a functional movement screen to check for any mobility constraints. Based on what Coach Wolforth finds in your son’s video analysis and the mobility constraints found in the movement screen, your soon will be given corrective exercise and throwing drills that fit his specific needs. He will then combine those corrective exercise and throwing drills with Ranch specific strength & conditioning, arm care, wake-up/warm-up in order to craft his personalized plan. Our goal at this camp is to assess each player and help them craft a plan for moving forward. As you can see this is a very busy 3 days for these guys- as I mentioned this is our most popular program because players can get in and out to work on what they have learned back at home. We keep the player to coach ratio small at these camps (each group of 8-10 athletes will have 1 Coach and typically 1 or more assistant coaches) so that each player can learn the information in front of them- so they are well equipped when they get home. The Elite Pitchers Boot Camps typically sell out 3-5 weeks in advance so if your summer is tight I would suggest looking at those dates ASAP, wouldn’t want you to miss the camp that best fits your schedule.

Our next training option and my personal favorite is the TBR Summer Program. This is an extended stay training option where players can come for as little as 2 weeks or as long as the full 10 weeks. Here we workout Monday- Thursday, 9:30-11:30 A.M. and strength and conditioning at 1:30-4:00 P.M. will be throwing. Each player will get a video analysis and the Ranch’s version of the functional movement screen, and will be given corrective exercises and throwing drills specific to his needs. I can’t leave out that we start each day of this training with a mindset lecture- it is always hailed as the favorite part of the program for the attendee’s and contributes to their success more than I can say. We do have more athletes attend this program and the player to coach ratio is larger. The way I like to describe it is that with this program you are actually training at the Ranch vs at the EPBC where you are learning Ranch training to do back at home. I mentioned that this is my favorite program we offer here are a few reasons why:

  • It is a Ranch immersion. For any of you that have taken a foreign language you know how difficult it can be to speak French for 50 min then return to the English speaking world. The best way to learn another language is to go to a country that speaks it and live there for a period of time. That is what we do here- they boys get to just focus on their development for an extended period of time and honestly most athletes haven’t had that kind of opportunity in their career.
  • The relationships made from this camp are life long. This is not an easy program- we are in our silver training barn (no air conditioning)… in the summer… in Texas. It is hot and the work is hard but these guys continuously build each other up and work harder because of the hard working people around them. With as tough as this program is, guys don’t miss. They are there every morning ready to work because not only are they committed but they have 60 other guys holding them accountable.
  • One of the final reasons I love this program is because we get to see the progress being made. Progress comes in many forms but it can range from velocity, command, throwing pain free for the first time to many other personal accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, there are many players who have progressed from the other programs but with the Summer Program, they are on site and we get to see it!

I hope that this helps clear up a few questions you might be having about what we offer at the Ranch in the Summer! As you can see we stay very busy in June- September. In fact, we are on site all but 4 days of June and July! Please feel free to call me at the office anytime (936-588-6762) to discuss the training options- we want to find the perfect fit for every pitcher. I added 2 other points below that are frequently asked.

*Players are responsible for their own accommodations but we do have group rates with nearby hotels- I have confirmations set up for every program, as soon as you register you will receive those. I also have some groups set up for the Summer Program attendee’s to try and find roommates.

*There is a combo training option where you can come to a 3 day camp and stay for the week long training after. We suggest doing the 3 day camp first then your Summer Program after. Please call me to discuss options.

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