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By: Taylor Morriss


“The number of followers you have does not make you better than anyone else. Hitler had millions.  Jesus had twelve.” – Unknown


Since coordinating social media is a part of my job description here at TBR, I thought this would be a good quote to talk about this week, and apply it to social media. The amount of relevance the quote above has to our current way of life is crazy! Firstly, let me state from the beginning that I am all for the social media craze that seems to have taken over the world; I even asked for it to be a part of my job. And I am not too proud to admit that I have strived for that high number of ‘likes’ because I definitely have. I definitely understand the ego boost one gets when a picture of you and your Chick Fil A, or your high-quality selfie get a ridiculous number of likes from your peers.


However, I think the connection between” likes” and self-worth has become overvalued. People, especially young people, have become dangerously obsessed with how many likes they can get on a picture and they are apparently willing to do anything for a double tap (that’s a ‘like’ for you parents who have no idea what I’m talking about). They directly correlate the number of likes, favorites, and retweets to how well they are liked by the people who follow them.


So if the picture they just posted only gets up to 10 hearts, retweets, likes, or shares, they take it as a dig at who they are as a person, and that’s not right. If they get over 500 likes, they think they’re untouchable and everyone in the entire world loves what they’re doing, saying, and posting. That can be self-defeating as well because it could be encouraging the wrong type of behavior.


The point is that self- confidence should come from within; that’s why the word ‘self’ is in front. Being happy and proud of who you are and what you do should come from YOUR heart, not a heart on an app that someone just absentmindedly clicked while scrolling because they saw Chick Fil A and they love their sweet tea. You should make your life feel fulfilled. If you don’t, then do some soul searching and find what makes you happy! Talk to those who know you best and who are closest to you in real life, not through social networking.


It is better to stick to who you really are and rock those twelve likes doing what you love and what makes you happy than to write yourself off and do things out of character for the sake of the millions of people who almost certainly don’t care that much.


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