Seasons for Success

By Samantha Parrish-


Everyone wants to be successful at something.  This is different for every person, but the one thing that stays the same, no matter who you are, is that success/progress is not linear.  In terms of the results you are going to see, your path will have its ups and downs.  Sometimes there are external factors that affect what we can improve on.  I have heard these referred to as ‘seasons’ and we have to respect the season that we are in.  I am not talking about everyone’s favorite- Baseball Season – but the seasons of your life or where you are on your path towards your goals.


It is easy to look at other players and admire their results- maybe they just hit a new velo record, but is that the season that you are in?  So often we get guys that come to The Ranch that want to ‘throw harder’.  They get to The Ranch ready to put in the work for the velocity, only to be told by Coach that they first need to work on their mobility. Wah Wah.  It’s not nearly as flashy as using the radar gun and it’s not nearly as exciting as hearing that ‘90’ called out, but at this moment (in this season), it is way more important.  Adding velocity to an inefficient movement pattern is only going to increase the chance of injury.  But I hear you, mobility is a boring season.


We have to identify what season we are in and execute a plan to be the best that we can be in that season.  Sometimes we are in seasons that we don’t want to be in, i.e. not in the starting rotation, not at the level we want to be professionally, midterms/finals, but that doesn’t change the strategy.  Acknowledge, Adjust, Adapt and Overcome. You may not be able to change your season, but you can excel where you are and prepare for the next.


I’ve got news for you, this isn’t exclusive to baseball.  In school, there are seasons where you have to make extra time to study.  As a parent with young kids, I am in the season where there are days that the gym just can’t happen.  I could get frustrated about that and complain about the days I can’t go, or I can make the absolute most of the days I can and be intentional about getting there when I am able.


Season’s are temporary, but if you make the most of that time, you can achieve results that last.


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