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By Flint Wallace-


I was going through some old stuff of mine the other day and came across this story that I used to share with all my players when I was coaching in college. I got the story from Fred Corral, the pitching coach at the University of Missouri. I changed part of it to adapt to our team, and I would give my pitchers a copy of the story at the beginning of the year. Whenever I felt we were close to a breakthrough or going through a tough stretch, I would post the saying, “Pump the Pump,” at the bottom of the practice schedule as a reminder of how close we could be to something great. Here is the story as I would give it to my players.




This is the story of the pump. A simple pump, when used properly, can be used for many important tasks, such as providing drinking water for a community or removing unwanted water from a flooded area.


To understand this story, you must be able to understand the physics of a pump. As you begin to pump the pump, fluid begins to fill the inside. During the early stages of your efforts, you do not see any results in terms of fluid coming out of the pump. The pump is being “primed”, meaning, the fluid level inside the pump is being built up so that eventually fluid will come out of the pump.


The problem arises when you stop pumping because you are not seeing any fluid come out. Once you stop, the internal level of fluid in the pump decreases, and you will have to re-prime the pump if you are ever going to see any results from your work. If your goal is to get anything out of the pump, you must continue to “pump the pump”.


Pumps are like baseball players. Some pumps take longer than others to prime, just like some players see results from their work faster than others. Also, remember that the inner workings of a pump are hidden from sight, just like the inner workings of a baseball player are hidden. It is impossible to know when you have done enough priming and the results are about to flow. How many times have you quit when you were one pump away? You will never know how good you can be if you stop pumping the pump.


For a pitcher, pumping the pump can mean many different things. It can mean doing your Long Toss and Drills with complete focus on the ball’s destination with every throw, working on the Flat Grounds and Bullpens with your upcoming opponent rolling through your mind, or being as precise as possible in your Arm Care and Conditioning. You must pump the pump in your strength training as well as your mental game.


Remember, the bottom line of this story is that you must pump the pump. If at any time you stop pumping, you cease to get results. You must pump the pump when you are tired, when you are pitching poorly, when you are frustrated, and even when things are great. If you want to continue your baseball career, you will never be able to stop pumping the pump. When you are done pumping, you are done playing.


Pump the Pump.



I hope you enjoy the analogy of the story as much as I do, and remember, it does not matter what endeavor in life you are facing, Pump the Pump daily!

Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!


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Here are some scheduling announcements and updates for you:


  • Thanks to the loosening of restrictions in the state of Texas, we will begin our Summer Program on June 1st as originally scheduled.  Session 1 is almost sold out so don’t delay if you’d like to join us.We do know however, that many of you are not yet in the same boat and are waiting to see how things play out in your state.  With that in mind, we have modified our cancelation policy to help reduce any apprehension in signing up during this uncertainty.  We are allowing participants to cancel all the way up to 1 week prior to your scheduled arrival with NO cancelation fee.  In addition, there is no charge to move your start date.


  • After this weekend’s Memorial Day’s Elite Pitchers 3-Day Bootcamp, we still have 6 remaining EPBCs on the schedule.   Due to current COVID-19 state mandates, we are only accepting 24 athletes per camp instead of our normal 45. For more information on these popular events, please visit www.TexasBaseballRanch.com/events. We are also loosening up our cancellation/change policy so that people can be comfortable in making plans now in the face of current & future uncertainty. ** We also have an option for you to extend your bootcamp weekend and stay for an additional week(s) and participate in our “Extended Stay Summer Developmental Program”. 


  • In addition, we have added a “Ranch Remote” training option for people that would still like to get access to, and ongoing instruction from, the TBR staff but prefer to avoid travel due to the virus. Click here to get more information on this NEW, hyper-personalized training option.  The number of participants in this program is limited to 36 so if you’re interested, don’t delay.

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