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By Tyler Tompson-


Craig Ballantyne, founder of Perfect Day Formula, recently wrote an article and was published by Entrepreneur on February 14, 2020 titled, Magic Johnson Shares 5 Lessons on Manufacturing Success”. In the article, Ballantyne talks about how he invested in a program called, “$100 Million Mastermind Experience”, which brings together other entrepreneurs and influencers, and they all talk about their “insider secrets” on how to rapidly scale their business. Ballantyne discusses the 5 most powerful lessons he learned from Earvin “Magic” Johnson– former basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Hall of Fame inductee, entrepreneur, and former president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Magic Johnson has seen success in several different areas– from being an athlete, to investing in Starbucks, to actually being part of a group of investors that purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers. The 5 lessons that Ballantyne discusses and talks about may be seen by some readers to only apply to entrepreneurs and investors, but as I read them, I can think of several ways these lessons can be applied to baseball and being a competitive athlete. The 5 lessons are as follows:


  1. Know Thy Market

One thing Magic understood when he finally retired from the NBA and began his entrepreneurial career was to know everything there was to know about the market and buyers. He focused all of his attention and time on learning everything he could about the people he wanted to serve– American minorities. In his research, he found that the market was wildly underserved and had more than $1.3 trillion in spending power. He made his first initial investment in a mall and movie theater that was operating at 50% capacity. Within a matter of months, the theater was operating at 100% capacity and he and his investors made millions before eventually selling their investment.


Knowing the market and buyer as an entrepreneur is mandatory if you want to make the big bucks. Wanting to become a competitive athlete at any level takes the same level of preparation. Coach Wolforth is always telling guys at the Ranch to become a student of the game and to really study what makes elite players/throwers the best at what they do. The way they prepare, the way they study the game before they actually get on the field to compete is truly one of a kind.


  1. Plug into Stillness to Think Bigger

Keeping an open mind and being open to new ideas is one of the keys to success among some of the most successful minds in the world. Magic has 3 rituals he uses to think bigger and to keep himself open to new ideas:


  1. Waking up at 4am and spending 30-60 minutes “thinkitating” (thinking meditation) on the treadmill
  2. Retreating to his house in Laguna Beach to get down to the water’s edge, slow down, and reflect
  3. Taking the entire month of August off every year to travel Europe and experience different cultures


Life can be very hectic and crazy at times. It is important for us to find the time to have self-reflection, see what works and what doesn’t, explore new ideas in our development, and sometimes just take a break. Find your own rituals that can help you see through the chaos and find new, creative, innovative ideas.  


  1. Run with The Best

Magic is quoted as saying, “If you believe you’re the best, always run with the best. Because if you don’t, you’re gonna end up paying for it and come back to get them anyway! – If you want to stay on top of your game, you have to stay on top of your relationships.”


This is one that I cannot stress enough. Always try to surround yourself with those you want to be like or aspire to be. Challenge yourself to compete with the best in the game at the level you are currently at. This will help push you to become something greater than you already are.


  1. Always Over-prepare And Get There Early

This I actually did not know, but when Magic was the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James became a free agent, Magic showed up an hour early to meet with him. James’ contract was up at 9:00p.m and Magic knocked on his door at 9:01p.m. The very minute he became a free agent!


Imagine what your level of preparedness and showing up early tells the people you are meeting with. It tells them you’re invested in them; that you are invested in their time. Make this a HABIT!


  1. Losing Is Not an Option

Plain and simple:  Losing is simply not an option for Magic. One day when Magic’s wife asked him to play his daughter 1-on-1 in a game to 10, he let her get to 9 and then “crushed” her. Losing is just simply not an option for him. “That’s just who I am. I am the most competitive person you know, and I will not lose.”-Magic


This is one mindset you need to apply to your life. Yes, someone has to be the loser, but never give up, never settle, and never allow your current circumstances to negatively affect you or defeat you.


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