Love Him or Hate Him

By Jonathan Massey-


Here’s why you should root for Trevor Bauer…


We always hear that if you want it bad enough and if you’re willing to work at it hard enough, you can accomplish whatever you want.


There isn’t a person out there that personifies this better than Trevor.  Trevor wasn’t the most athletic guy I trained with.  Hell, I don’t think I would place him in the top 10!  Guys like Cody Springer, Eric Binder, and Michael Boyden were more athletic than Trevor Bauer.


Trevor sure as heck wasn’t the strongest kid that I trained with either.  I was there for our first trip down to DST.  I saw him have a 20-inch vertical jump his first-time testing.  I heard the guys snicker and say no way he was a 1st rounder whenever Trevor would deadlift with only two 10-pound plates on the bar.


I also saw their mouths drop when he hurled a baseball 95+ mph.


I know for a fact he was not the most genetically gifted player I trained with.  His first radar session ever, as a 9th grader, was 78 mph.  While that is good, it is not world class by any stretch of the imagination.  I’ve trained and trained with plenty of players who have thrown a baseball harder than Trevor did at the same age.


Trevor Bauer at the All-Star game with his former TBR training buddies.


So how did Trevor transform himself into a Major League All Star and Cy Young Award candidate?


He had the 4 things that you need if you are going to accomplish your dream.


  1. Belief – There was never a question about it, from the time we met at 16 years old Trevor talked and acted like it was a forgone conclusion that he was going to be a Major Leaguer.  It wasn’t with a tone of arrogance, but you could just tell that he had already decided that at 16 he was going to play in the Major Leagues someday.


There’s no reason to have a Plan B, because it can only distract from Plan A” -Will Smith


  1. The Right Plan – This is where I see guys mess up the most. It’s not that they don’t work hard… it’s that they are working hard at the wrong things.  They are simply chasing the wrong rabbit.  Trevor, better than anyone else I know, has had an accurate view on where he is at currently and what he needs to develop in order to take his game to the next level.


“I don’t care how fast you run, if you’re running East looking for a sunset… It ain’t ever going to happen. You have the wrong plan.” -Tony Robbins


  1. A Big Enough Why – I can’t speak Trevor’s why, but I do know this- in order to make it as far as he has, you have to have a huge ‘why’.  Because the only way to make it to the level he’s on is to have a why so big and so powerful that it is pulling you to your dreams.


“If you have a big enough Why, the How will become self-evident” -Ron Wolforth


  1. A Work Ethic Like No Other – Plain and simple. You have to grind and work the process harder than everyone else out there.  The problem is most of y’all think you are working hard.  From the age of 16 to 18 years old, Trevor only missed 5 days of throwing.  Meaning that of those 730 days, he threw on 725 of them.  I remember sitting in awe hearing the stories of him putting his two buckets of baseballs on the handlebars of his bicycle and riding up to the park to get his throwing in.  There’s a reason it’s called being a PROFESSIONAL pitcher.  If you want it to become your profession, you better start working like it already is.


“Nothing will work, unless you do” -Albert Einstein


So, while I may root for Trevor because he’s one of my best friends, you should root for him too because if he can do it then so can you.


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