Little Hinges Swing Big Doors

By Samantha Parrish-


“The very same activities that had rescued me from failure, that had carried me from the failure line up to the survival line would also rescue me from average and carry me from the survival line to the success line- if I would just keep doing them.”


If you have not read the book “The Slight Edge” I would highly recommend it.  It highlights a very important concept- not just for athletes but for parents as well.  We get into a trap of feeling safe with our accomplishments as we come up from the failure line- but we get comfortable too soon.  That comfort stops us from pushing forward to success.


At every boot camp, Coach Wolforth tells the campers that the most important day of camp is the day that they arrive home.  We will give each player the tools but it’s not enough if they don’t keep using them.  I’ll give you a practical example: We see player X, he has arm pain. After a series of analysis’ and working on corrective exercises, he can finally throw pain free- he’s ecstatic.  Now he is on a new quest, he wants to get more velocity- so he dives into a velocity program without checking back in with his disconnections that were causing him pain initially.  The cycle continues.


Often players get to the point where they think they have ‘arrived’: awesome, I made the team now I can ease up, or I finally hit 90 now I don’t need that extra practice each week.   At the Ranch, we say “we will never have ‘it’… we can only work on ‘it’”.  If you don’t keep pressing it gets very easy to slide back into the bad habits that kept you from success.


The little things we do today add up to create big change as long as we keep doing them.  Coach Wolforth said to me this week “Little hinges swing big doors”- I loved it.  Do not discount the little things you do each day.  Stay with them, with passion and watch what they produce.


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At our Elite Pitchers Boot Camps, The Ranch coaches constantly help players find and focus on the “little hinges” critical to their success.
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