Learn to Say “No”

By Tyler Tompson –


Often times, when I get asked how I am or when I ask someone how they are doing, the answers are usually, “Doing well, just been busy”, “Busy, but busy is good”, and even the good ole, “Same old same old, just been busy with work”. I’m sure we can all relate to at least one of those. Most of the time, busy is good! It keeps us focused on the task at hand and forces us to keep ourselves on our toes with our work. For those of us who are extremely busy, there’s a higher chance you are not saying “No” enough.


I am 100% part of this group. I struggle to say no – to family, friends, co-workers… the waiter/waitress at Julio’s asking if we want the usual order of chips and queso. Oof. If you’re a genuine Ranch guy, you know what I mean! In all seriousness though, there is a struggle to say the word “no”. Sometimes, it is because we may fear rejection, potential anger, or the uncertainty in what the other person’s response will be.


You may be somewhat of a “people-pleaser”. You’re always wanting to help others when they ask or help with what they need no matter the cost, even at the expense of yourself when you have something that you really need to work on or want to do. We can get so used to saying “yes” and helping others, that over time, we ourselves don’t even know what we want or what our needs are. Now, that is more on the extreme side, but if your life is “busy” and packed with your work and personal tasks, then there really isn’t that much extra time out there. You need to work on the balance between saying yes to certain things and no to the others.


It’s not that easy though! You really need to unpack it. What are your priorities? What do you need to get done today? Tomorrow? How much time will this take? Can I really help them with this AND get my priorities/tasks done or do what I want to do?


Think about some of the things you said yes to when you could have said no. What would you have done otherwise? Would you have gotten something done or would you have done something you wanted to do? Would you have enjoyed it more than what you said yes to? If you would have said no, maybe you would have ended up exercising, working on a long-term project for your business, visited a friend or family member, went on a date with your significant other, and so on and so on.


This post is not intended to shut people out and become a walking “no-person”. Rather, this is to really shed light on your time… Your wellbeing. I am all for helping others when they ask for it, that is what makes us human. Be there for others in their time of need, but learn how to balance saying yes and no. Your time is finite; you cannot make it or add to it no matter how hard you try. You can only use it. Learn to say “No”.


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