It’s One Thing to Know

By: Jill Wolforth


Recently, I have witnessed something that I’m finding to be epidemic.  Yes, I realize that’s a heavy word, but I do want to make it a big deal.


It’s this, knowing what needs to be done versus actually doing it.


This distinction is critical for success at ANYTHING!


Let me give you three examples:


1.     I want to get stronger and I know in order to do so I must do some type of strength training (pushups, lifting, kettle bells, etc.), so many days a week, for a specific period of time.  Yet, I don’t do it.


2.     I want to lose weight and I know in order to do so I need to monitor my diet and/or exercise.  Yet, I don’t do it.


3.     I want to get good grades and in order to do so I know I need to attend class, take notes, complete and turn in assignments and spend a certain amount of time studying.  Yet, I don’t do it.


I know very well what it takes to accomplish all those things but I don’t apply what I know.


And it gets worse.  Many people continue to learn and thus know more. (i.e. a business person at seminars, a baseball player at camps, a coach at a clinic, etc.) and then rather than applying what they’ve learned, in other words what they know, they go to another event (seminar, camp, clinic).


I confess.  I’m guilty.  I’ve been down this path myself.  Why?  Well, it’s much easier.  Plus, I can feel good about doing something (learning) and I can sound knowledgeable when I talk about the specific topic.


On the other hand, the application of what I know is work.  It’s the grind and it’s not nearly as appealing. Yet, it’s the most important, and ultimately, it’s what separates us from our competition.


I have a saying hanging in my home office to serve as a reminder:



It could also probably read, “Action NOT Analysis!”. I can learn more and more and more. I can think about what I know and all the ways it could be used, but until I act on it, until I apply it, it really is of little value.


So, this week I leave you by reminding you that knowing what to do is only HALF of the equation. The second, and ultimately the more important part, is doing it!



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