I’m An Expert In Pitching. You’re An Expert in Your Son.

By Jill E. Wolforth –


Many people are often surprised when they hear at The Texas Baseball Ranch®, we not only welcome, but encourage parents to stay and follow their athlete around at our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps.  We have been told that it has become common place for coaches and trainers to actually close off their training / practices to parents. 


In my opening remarks at each camp, I tell everyone they will be receiving a tremendous amount of information over the next three days, and the second set of eyes and ears is a real benefit to them once they return home and go to work.


On the final day of each Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp, we actually have a meeting for the parents. It’s an opportunity to review what has taken place over the previous two days, help walk the parents through the athlete’s plan when they return home, and answer any questions they have regarding the weekend.  As important, it also serves as a chance to answer any other questions they might have related to their son and baseball as a whole, using our experience to in turn help and guide them.


During the most recent parent’s meeting, Coach Wolforth made the statement, “I’m an expert in pitching.  You’re an expert in your son.”  When he said it, I realized how very important the statement was and how many so-called experts miss this critical point.


It reminded me of a time when our son, Garrett, was about 5 years old.  It was a Sunday morning and he was laying on the couch, very lethargic, a behavior unusual for a 5-year-old, but particularly so for our son.  He was always so energetic and active.  We watched him for another hour or so, decided there was something wrong, and took him to the emergency room.  When we walked in, Garrett was laying limp across his Dad’s arms, in the same lethargic state.  One of the triage nurses saw him and moved us to the front of the line. 


Here’s where the story gets interesting and instructional.


Remember, Garrett is 5 years old.  As the emergency nurse was gathering our information, he looks at Garrett and in a patronizing tone says, “Do you think your parents are overreacting a bit”? 


I’m not sure how both Ron & I didn’t jump across the table and strangle him but I think we were simply too focused on getting Garrett the medical attention he needed.  Long story short, after finding that his white blood cell count was extremely high, they admitted him to the hospital for treatment and to keep an eye on him.  They also collected some culture samples and a couple days after he’d gotten home, his pediatrician contacted us and said the cultures showed that he was pre-pneumonia. 


So much for his parents overreacting.  That nurse might have been an expert in medicine but we were experts in our son.


I’m sure every parent reading this can relate.  We know things others wouldn’t from observing the mannerisms of our children.  We know things others wouldn’t in the way they respond to questions.  We know things based on their timing.  We simply know our children.


It’s important for us to remember this because so many people, many whom are well-meaning (like the emergency nurse), form an opinion based on their specific knowledge or background.  They base it on something they’ve done with someone else in the past or their own experience, yet they fail to understand this specific individual, his background and situation.


This is just a reminder that as parents, you should not feel guilty or be afraid to step forward when you know or have that sense that something is not right because…


YOU are an expert in YOUR child!

– – – – – – – – – –


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