Giving Back

By Isaiah Trevino –


My time here at the Ranch as an athlete, intern, and now full-time instructor has treated me well (and continues to). Understanding exactly where the athletes are coming from, and going through similar struggles myself, has really helped me become the best version of an instructor I can possibly be. From somebody struggling with movement patterns, drill work, or even the mental side of baseball, having trained here before helps more than imaginable. Being able to say I was in their shoes at one point, and it being true, really helps me relate to them to the fullest. I am very blessed that I can be a help to these athletes here, and it means the world to me when I can really connect with an athlete and create a bond that goes far beyond the game of baseball.


During our weekend camps, I really try to get to know the athletes and have them be comfortable from the very first day. Building that relationship and that trust is very crucial to me. I believe it is easier on them once they are comfortable and realize we are just one team working towards the same goal, which is making him the best version of himself, both on and off the field. Seeing the athletes grow as a player and as a person from week to week (and even year to year) is something that I’ll never forget and that I’ll always enjoy witnessing for as long as I’m here.


Having struggled myself with both the mental and the physical side of my career, I feel like it happened for a reason. While I didn’t succeed as much as I was striving to during my own playing time, I do believe it was because I was meant to help others achieve the same goals and dreams that we shared at one point in our lives. If I can help somebody achieve their biggest dream while playing the game of baseball, it would be as if I personally succeeded too. I believe it might even mean more to me than if I had achieved my own dream.


Positively impacting people’s lives has been something that I have enjoyed immensely since I was in high school; little do they know, they’ve impacted my life just as much, if not more, than I did theirs. I believe we are all put on this Earth for a reason, and positively impacting people’s lives in any way possible has been something that I have found to be fulfilling.

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