Give Credit

By: Ron Wolforth


I’m not suggesting that the lack of appreciation and giving credit where credit is due is a new phenomenon. I’m sure its existence is as old as man himself.


I am suggesting with today’s social media, instant interactions and immediate gratification, that such behavior is unfortunately even more prevalent.


A recent college study found that plagiarism on college campuses is at an all-time high.


In our new world of self-esteem, pretense, vanity and self-interest, we far too often covet status and praise from our contemporaries, and yet give little reverence, credence and recognition to others in our circle of influence.


In the quiet, deep recesses of our own conscience, we all do realize the very best parts of ourselves are indeed a compilation of the gifts, efforts and blessings from others. We owe so very much to so many different influences. The problem is we rarely return to that quiet place.  Instead we live lives of hyperactivity, desperately attempting to make ourselves appear as MORE of something to our personal universe.


Since we frequently view the universe as taking from us… we are often in full-fledged… “I’m going to get MINE” mode.


And as the saying goes… “If this ever becomes ALL about ME… there can be NO US.”


Relationships are made more shallow.


Collaboration minimized.


Communication corrupted.


Trust abated.


Therefore, I suggest the quality of our very way of life is deteriorated.


I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t have pride in ourselves and in our accomplishments. I’m not suggesting anyone hasn’t earned their reputation of excellence.


What I am suggesting is, in my opinion, critically important. It is my message for today. 


No one is viewed as less by the act of giving credit and praise for those who have contributed directly and indirectly to their success.


In fact, the act of appreciation and giving due credit is a double blessing.


That’s the first blessing. To routinely give credit and appreciation to those who have supported or inspired you, blesses the original giver. It makes them feel good. It makes them feel valued.


The second blessing? Routinely giving credit and appreciation also blesses YOU the receiver. This is the one that people miss the most. We actually feel good when we give back. We feel good when we show genuine appreciation. It’s almost magic.


But I bet you already knew that. It just slips your mind a lot.


I implore you to try this for a week.   Learn to burn this phrase into your subconscious… “What I REALLY appreciate about… is…” Every time a person in your life comes to mind think… “You know… what I REALLY appreciate about… is…” and then let your brain and your heart go to work on listing all the ways you really appreciate this person. And then when the time is appropriate, let that person know a few of them.


Routinely give credit to others. Publicly if appropriate is even better!


Be slow to take credit for things yourself.


I know a talented young man who is a success by almost all of society’s standards, yet internally he is empty.  He is not alone. I see the prevalence of it with young people everywhere.


There is something powerful about giving yourself to something bigger than yourself.


If you are out there constantly protecting yourself, coveting credit and recognition and minimizing the contributions of the others in your universe for fear that somehow credit given to someone else equals credit taken from you… you will… in my opinion… never achieve sustained high level success nor happiness.


I recommend sitting down and creating a basic list yourself. It’ll be good for your heart.


This is a very short list of mine:


  1. I appreciate my parents and my family growing up.  They taught me to take responsibility for my own actions and to work hard. Their love sustained me through all of my trials and tribulations.


  1. I appreciate my coaches and my teachers. They challenged me. They believed I could be something more than I currently was. I would not be the student nor the man I am without their mentoring.


  1. I appreciate Tom House for starting me on this pitching journey. Without his start… I would not be where I am today.


  1. I appreciate Alan Jaeger and Eric Cressey for being supportive contemporaries along this winding path.


  1. I appreciate Paul Nyman who forever changed the way I view movement and training. His influence in 2003-2006 remain among the most significant in my professional career.


  1. I appreciate Mike Marshall who challenged my understanding of deceleration and arm health and durability, and forever changed our training.


  1. I appreciate Dr. Frans Bosch who inspired me to think differently and gave me the motor learning insight to train my athletes far more intelligently and effectively.


  1. I appreciate Brent Strom who was my partner in the beginning in a very hostile environment and gave me incredible support and legitimacy in a very tough stretch. 


  1. I appreciate Lee Fiocchi. He recognized the good and the intuitive insight in me and continually supported my efforts.


  1. I appreciate Jim Wagner and Mike Ryan for believing in me and my efforts long before the Ranch was a national brand.


  1. I appreciate Randy Sullivan and the entire Sullivan family. They have become… family.


  1. I appreciate Flint Wallace, Oliver Kadey and Jonathan Massey. I couldn’t possibly work with three better men. Their counsel and efforts make me a better man, better leader and better teacher. 


  1. I appreciate RaeNell and Taylor, their efforts around our office not only improve the quality of our business, but make my life so much easier.


  1. I appreciate my daughter, my son and my 3 granddaughters who bring me unspeakable joy and strength every single day.


  1. I appreciate my wife as she is indeed the apple of my eye, my soul mate and the wind beneath my wings for nearly a quarter of a century. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make me a better man.


  1. I appreciate My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom died to give me eternal life and whom from ALL my gifts and Blessings actually emanate. Without Him I am truly nothing.  



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