Dr. Eliot at the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp

Reason #1 to Attend The 2015 Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp in Montgomery, Texas …


Keynote Speaker: John F. Eliot, Ph.D.

A descendant of Nobel Prize Laureate, T.S. Eliot, and a decorated university professor, Dr. Eliot specializes in evaluating and enhancing human capital. He serves as a consultant for corporations like Deutsche Bank, Shell, Marriott International, Sony, Precor USA, Nike, and Yahoo, as well as numerous professional athletes and teams.

In 20 years of practice, fully 100% of his sports clients have won pennants and league championships—including 3 MLB World Series, 1 NFL Super Bowl, 4 NBA championships, and 7 NCAA national titles.

Doc Eliot (as clients call him) is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Dartmouth, a former All-American rugby and baseball player, and former gold medal winning Junior Olympic skier. He has authored numerous articles and books, including two business bestsellers: Overachievement and Help the Helper.

In his free time he devotes himself to serving underprivileged children through the Vintage 9 Foundation, which he launched with the Major League Baseball Alumni Association.    

“John Eliot will show you how to prepare your mind so you can consistently come through in key situations.” HOWIE LONG

“Doc delivers a knockout punch. If you want to consistently succeed, you need to work with him.” GEORGE FOREMAN

“John opens closed doors for you.” LARRY BIRD

In 2006, I read Dr. Eliot’s book, Overachievement. Now I reread it once almost every year. Why? Because overachievers think differently than everybody else! 

Dr. Eliot taught me:

  • the difference between the ‘training mindset’ and the trusting mindset
  • to welcome the pressure and harness the stress everyone else tries so hard to avoid
  • to create our own reality and completely ignore the conventional industry ‘experts’
  • to embrace incredible dreams and to talk about them all the time
  • not to fear getting off the straight and narrow path, and instead to blaze new trails in unchartered territory
  • the value of being as unrealistic as we possibly could become
  • to embrace mistakes as an essential part of our growth, instead of as negatives to be avoided
  • the power of an obsessive laser focus and not to fear putting all my eggs in one basket

The Result: The Texas Baseball Ranch has grown to this:


Because h Dr. Eliot’s work has greatly influenced how the Texas Baseball Ranch trains its athletes, I’ve wanted to get him to speak at our annual Coaches Boot Camp for several years now. 

Finally … I’ve pulled it off.

Here’s a small sample of the insights he’ll share with you December 11-13 at our Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp



Relax. Set goals. Focus on the outcome. Lose yourself to the Zone. All reasonable, sensible advice when you are facing a big presentation at work, a crucial point in the game, or any kind of career-launching performance. And all utterly, hopelessly, wrong.


According to John Eliot, Ph.D., “Such self-improvement balderdash will do nothing but relegate you to a career in mediocrity.” 

As Dr. Eliot has discovered through his cutting-edge research and real-world coaching, techniques such as goal-setting, relaxation, visualization, stress management, and flow just dont work for most people. Relaxing when the pressure is on is the wrong way to go. Instead, to really ratchet up your performance, youll need to change the way you think about pressure—and learn how to welcome it, enjoy it, and make it work to your advantage.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston, TX on December 10-13, 2015, for the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp. Click here to enroll now, while you can.

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