Doubly Blessed

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By  Jill E. Wolforth

With the growth of any business, it is important to be able to delegate.  I am still learning that skill.  It has taken some time but it’s been made easier by the fact Coach Wolforth & I have a terrific staff here at the Texas Baseball Ranch. 

One way I’ve been able to delegate is by getting help from the staff to write the weekly email blog.  Most people don’t realize the thought and time that is needed to write one of these.  When I originally decided to delegate this I saw it as a help to me by saving me some time that could be focused elsewhere.  It actually turned out not only to be a blessing to me but to our clients as well.  It’s provided some different insights into The Ranch and the people running the daily operations, which many have found both interesting and motivating. 

In addition, I personally take a great deal of pride in the messages the others share.  They reinforce the character and commitment of our staff and their deep desire to help the young men (and women) that cross our paths.

I also believe it’s been great for the staff.  Having to put your thoughts and ideas to paper, in a way that others can understand and hopefully enjoy is a challenging task.  They have done a great job!  When you read one of their email blogs and it resonates with you, please share a comment, “like” it on Facebook or retweet it on Twitter (if you’re on social media).  I know it will mean a lot to them.

So, from working on my delegation skill, many people have benefited.  I call it doubly blessed; blessing for the person receiving the act but also the person providing the act.  In this case I could actually call it triply blessed. 

As we are winding down the summer program and the second half of the year coming on strong, all of us at the Texas Baseball Ranch are excited to watch everything unfold and anxious to share with you all the stories and lessons we learn.


If you know of someone else that would enjoy or benefit from our weekly emails, please forward their email address to us ( and we will see that they are added. 


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