Don’t Give Up


By: Samantha Parrish

The weather has been incredible in the Midwest so we have been going on a lot of family walks (adults walking- kids riding bikes) in the evening. There is a one big hill in our neighborhood that the kids like to go to- it’s quite a challenge for them to get up! Our 4 year old hasn’t been riding her bike very long and needs just a little bit of help getting up the hill. About halfway up the other day she paused, looked at me and said “Mom, the hardest part is not giving up.”  I had to laugh at the simplicity but the longer I thought about it – she may be on to something.

What would happen if you flat out made the decision to not give up? No matter how difficult, not matter the obstacles, that nothing would stop you. It reminds me of something our family friend Doug Savant said once about the entertainment industry: “If you can do anything else, do it. It’s going to get tough and if you have an out it’ll be too tempting not to take it.”  What if you set a goal and said you wouldn’t stop until you were there? It wouldn’t make the grind any less difficult but it would focus you, help cut the other distractions and take away those thoughts that pop up about quitting.

When you make the decision not to give up the next step is having a plan. At our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps our goal is to have players understand where they are right now so that we can help them build a plan to get to where they want to go.  We hope to inspire them to leave camp with the mindset “I will not quit”. That way when they get home with their personalized 21 day plan and equipment they can get to work and see results. Then all you have to do is make the choice to get up everyday and put in the work; that is how greatness is built, in small victories pieced together. Some days the victory may even be as small as just getting out there.

Not giving up is not easy- Ella might be right- sometimes it’s the hardest part.


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