Daily Processes/Routines

By: Flint Wallace


I watched a video from Brian Cain’s Monday Message at www.briancain.com tilted “The Perfect Pizza Process.” In the video he talks about the process that Costco goes through to make every one of their pizzas. Brian made a comment that really hit home. He stated that, “The processes you have in your life are working perfectly…for the results you are getting.” So the results you get on a daily bases are because of the daily processes you go through. He also said, “If you don’t like your results, change your process. If you like your results, identify your process and be more consistent with it.”


This is where I see a big issue with a lot of athletes I come across. They don’t have a process or daily routine. So they don’t know what to change to get different results, or what to keep the same to help achieve their desired results. They are simply unaware of what they do on a daily basis; much less have a process in place for success.


So my suggestion is to figure out what your daily processes or routines are for what you want to accomplish. Write them down, and follow them for a couple of weeks. Then reevaluate and make adjustments accordingly. Because when you have a great process, it helps to reduce or even eliminate decision making. You just go through your routine.


A good process makes you more consistent. Consistency makes your training more gainful, your recovery more productive, your nutrition more beneficial, and your mindset more positive. A good routine will also make you feel more comfortable, even in pressure situations. Or in others words, a good process can help you to be comfortable being uncomfortable.


So remember, your processes are working perfectly for the results you are getting. The question is do you know your processes? If not, spend some time creating some. If so, ask yourself if they are producing the results you desire. Being aware of what you do daily is a huge step in the right direction for your athletic and overall development.


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