Crush the Day

By Samantha Parrish –

Many of you have heard Coach Wolforth speak, either at the Ranch or an outside event.  I know that it has become a favorite part of the day for many of the guys in our Summer Program.  I did not always enjoy listening- to you all Coach is motivational and inspiring- for many years, to me, he was just Dad.  We don’t always know how wise our parents are until we grow more and realize how little we know.

In the years since I left home I have been reminded by the good Lord how much my Dad does know and now that I am a Mom I even hear myself sounding just like him. It’s terrifying.  :-) When I graduated from College, Coach Wolforth (Dad) wrote me a letter with some advice for the road ahead.  I am no longer surprised at how much I reference back to that letter and try to follow its guidelines.  I am going to share one with you today that has served me well over the years:


Be The Best worker in the Place…no one even close.

Every day when you come to work bring your ‘A’ game.  Go the extra mile.  Get after it. Work with a smile on your face and your hair on fire. Do whatever you do …even the smallest of activities, with the passion Michelangelo used in painting the Sistine Chapel.

Your goal is to have other people routinely say,

‘Wow…Does she ever get after it!  She’s a grinder!  Does she EVER slow down?’

Stick out!

Lead by example.


When teaching someone under you…say…’Follow me…stay close to me and do what I do.’ That is leadership.


Have you ever encountered someone that you could tell really loved their job?  They are just cheerful, helpful and pleasant, so much so that it stands out.  It just makes whatever you are doing that much better.  Why be sluggish or lazy?  Anything that you are taking the time to do in life deserves to have your 100%.  That could mean baseball, homework, laundry, dishes or friendships.  Often we want to give 100% to what we enjoy but not to the other, mundane, things; but all of those things combined make up who we are.

I have found happiness in giving even the most annoying of tasks my 100%.  The competitor in me loves ‘crushing’ daily tasks and the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped someone at work.  Give every part of your day 100%.   It carries over more than you think.

If you need one other nudge I like to keep this typed up by my computer: Col 3:23 Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men” .   

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