Choosing ‘NOT TO’ is Easy

About seven months ago I set out to write this weekly email.  For me it was intended to be a way to communicate things going on at the Ranch, concepts we were working on, motivational subjects or even just good stories to which people could relate.

There was also an added benefit.  It has been proven that by teaching something to others you must know it at a deeper level and that forces the subject matter to be engrained more for the teacher as well.  That was a plus to me.

Many people, who read my emails, listen to our radio show or subscribe to our monthly newsletters, use our materials for motivation or examples of how things can be done.  You’ll see us cover topics like mindset, persistence, work ethic, etc.  As my husband often says, it’s important for us to write and speak on these subjects because it helps and reminds us as much as it does others.

I believe it’s important to be “real”, in other words, for people to get a very good sense of exactly who we are and how we operate.  This week’s email, I hope is going to give you one of those experiences.

I have not sent out a “weekly email” in 10 weeks.  That’s right, ten weeks or two plus months.


Well, there really could be a whole litany of reasons:  I had been traveling a lot, I was busy with boot camps, I was working extremely hard on a couple of major projects and I had several people requesting my time for various things.  If you look at these responses, simply on their face value, they are all legitimate reasons.  The bottom line however, they are all excuses.  I can color it any way I want but it has been simply a lack of discipline.

My husband and I have had this discussion with our son various times.  We refer to it as “CHOOSING NOT TO IS EASY”.  The work required to be really good at anything is demanding.  It is EASY to choose not to do the necessary work.  It is easy to put it off for another day.  It is easy to sit down and watch television or talk on the phone and choose not to do homework.  It is easy to sleep in an extra 10 or 15 minutes and choose not to get in some extra pushups.  It’s simply easier to “Choose Not To”.  The key thing here is that it is a choice.

In my case, it was EASIER simply to say, “I’ll get to it next week”.  As I mentioned earlier, next week turned into 10 weeks.

I realize we’re talking here about “a little ‘ole e-mail” but there is a secondary lesson here.  It is this.  One must decide if the initial choice being made (for me, writing the weekly email) is what you really want and/or need to do.  If it’s not, then move on to the things which are most important to you and your success.  If on the other hand, it is important then by all means commit and get after it.

So, we have here a case of “Physician Heal Thyself” and a very teachable moment.  Hopefully one for you as a reader but also to all parents, there’s a second one.  It was important for me to share this story with my son.  It is not uncommon for us to be guilty of the same things for which we often ride and nag them.

I look at my situation as one where I can show him how you can jump back on your horse and get back into the battle.  I encourage you this week to determine if there is one area where you have “chosen not to” because it was easier. If so, don’t wait any longer, grab your sword, there’s work to be done.

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