By: Taylor Morriss


John Wooden said “Sports do not build character, they reveal it.”


You are, more or less, raised with certain thoughts and morals compatible to your families’ thoughts and morals. Yes, you are able to choose for yourself, but ultimately, they tend to follow those who raised you.


According to Mr. Wooden, sports just provide you the environment to test and express these teachings. That seems like a fair idea since nothing quite challenges you like sports does. There’s high intensity all the time, people in your face hoping you either fail or succeed, questionable calls are made, and reputations are at stake… and that’s only in the stands!


Looking at professional athletes, it’s easy to see who has a good, solid character, and maybe who does not. And while these traits come to light in their personal lives, sports is what provided them the opportunities to be observed on such a wide scale…to have their character revealed to a large audience; otherwise, we wouldn’t know who they are or how they act. Granted, the media provides a better outlet for us to determine what kind of man or woman someone is, and it’s made it a lot easier than it has in the past to “creep” on them. Looking up their triumphs and failures and how they responded to each is done with just a Google search or a social media stalk.


A few weeks ago we posted an article written by Samantha Parrish titled “Be THE Guy.” While it covered working hard and being a leader, it can still apply in this article as well. Be the guy who gives back when he can instead of always “taking what is his.” Be the guy who leads by example, who provides a positive role model for those who he inspires on a daily basis. Be the guy who doesn’t get caught up in the fame and fortune, but who is instead grateful to be where he is. Be the guy who is outstanding on the field and in the community. There are too many people in the spotlight who have corrupted character because they got caught up in the wrong things that sports can provide for them.


Character is defined as “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” So, do you want your individual qualities that pertain solely to you, be positive or negative?


You are involved in the sports world now, even if you aren’t a professional in it (yet) so you have to choose how you want others to see you, and stick to it before the revealing of your character is done in front of a massive audience.


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