Caught in the Moment

By Jill E. Wolforth-


There are moments throughout your life when you pause, take a good look around, and are reminded why you do what you do and of the blessings you’ve received.


Last Saturday was one of those moments for me.  Coach Wolforth and I attended the wedding of one of our former long-time students, Cody Springer.  It wasn’t the first client wedding, nor will it be the last, but it was very special for us.


Cody’s older brother, Casey, took his first lesson from us when he was 12 years old.  Today Casey is 33.  Yes, the math tells us that’s 21 years ago, so the Springer family has been with us for a long time.


That in itself is special but as we witnessed the wedding party, it was touching to see that six of Cody’s seven groomsmen were also Ranch guys and all trained together. 


I then captured this “Ranch Reunion” picture where two other young men in attendance also trained with us during the same time frame.

Today, most of these fellows are a few years removed from training at The Ranch, but they still speak of the experience with joy and enthusiasm echoing how the mindset, optimism, passion and work ethic surrounding The Ranch still impacts them today. 


And obviously, the relationships made then are still strong now.


In this group, five of the young men played some level of professional baseball with two still involved at the major league level today, one as a pitcher and one as a Director of Baseball Operations.


Another one of these young men now works for the State Department as a diplomat.  With all the turmoil in our government, I can say without hesitation, with enough young men like this one, we’re in good hands.


Three of these fellows now are private baseball instructors including our own Coach Massey.  How awesome that they get to pass on their experiences to another generation of ball players? 


The Springer Brothers are involved in the family business and are terrific young entrepreneurs.  Casey just had a little boy and I am sure it won’t be long before he’s on the ballfields.


Seeing all of them on their life’s paths is extremely heartwarming and a great reminder that our teaching has always been and will continue to be not just baseball skills but life skills as well.


The Wolforth family has been so blessed over the years with all the young men and families we’ve been involved with.  What many people don’t realize is that another huge beneficiary has been our son Garrett.


These amazing young men have been his “Big Brothers” over the years and is perfectly exemplified in these two pictures. 


Cody & Garrett 2008                                           Cody & Garrett 2018


Garrett has witnessed their ups and downs but more importantly, their hard work, commitment and persistence. 


I couldn’t help but be caught in the moment seeing him standing there, once again, with all of them this past weekend as a member of the wedding party.  What a truly special thing!


Congratulations Cody & Elisha Springer!


* * * * * * * * *


For some additional texture I thought you might enjoy these “Inside the Ranch” tidbits that go along with this story:

Tidbit #1: One of the young men openly admits that he first came to The Ranch to “disprove” what we did.  In other words, to show that it didn’t work.  When he showed up, at 19 years of age, he threw a baseball 78mph.  Two years later he threw 94 and was a believer.  Today he is a pitching coach and gets to pass on what he learned and make the same difference in other young peoples’ lives.


Tidbit #2: Cody Springer (and Eric Binder) both had a major impact on the change in training emphasis at The Ranch.  Both played professional baseball, throwing in the low to mid 90s but were both released.  So, why would they be released?  Simple, they didn’t throw enough strikes.  Thus, we realized we had succeeded in getting guys to throw harder, which was our primary goal, but we needed to get them to have better command as well in order to STAY at the next level and thus our change to a more balanced approach with both velocity and command.


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