By Tyler Tompson-
Events Coordinator, Texas Baseball Ranch®


One of my favorite college baseball coaches to read and learn about is Skip Bertman, the former Head Baseball Coach for the LSU Tigers from 1984–2001. During his tenure at LSU, he compiled a career record of 870-330-3, led the Tigers to 7 SEC Championships, and won 5 National Championships as their skipper. He created a team culture unlike any other and is considered to be one of the greatest college baseball coaches of all time.


Coach Bertman went on to write a book with Brian Cain called, “Winning the Big One: Motivational and Team Building You Can Use”, and my mom ended up buying it and giving it to me as a gift back while I was playing in college.  The book talks about some of the methods and strategies that Coach Bertman used to build his program and how he continued to push his players to seek excellence both on and off the field.


The book includes quotes and short stories that he would tell his players before games to motivate them for the day. He believed in daily motivation and having the proper mindset every day, much like what we do here at The Ranch. I look through and read some of them every other week or so, but one of them that I came across recently titled, “Belief” really resonated with me and I wanted to share it. Below is a little snippet from the book that Coach Bertman told to his team:


“Belief – The most important quality you can ever develop is the unshakeable belief in yourself and your ability to be extraordinary in everything you do. You have to believe in yourself, your teammates and the program. It’s a law. Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes reality. We act in a manner consistent with our innermost beliefs and convictions. It is impossible to do otherwise. If we believe we are winners and talk like winners, the other dugout will get the message, and we will win. Our behaviors will make our beliefs a reality. Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right. No self-limiting, negative beliefs tonight or ever. They will hold you back. I’m too small, not fast enough, the other guy is too good, the umps are killing me. That stuff is real, and it is debilitating. Successful people believe there is no such thing as failure, only results. We are not afraid to fail, not afraid to try, no matter what happens. If it doesn’t work, we will try something else. Beliefs are commands to the brain. One man with a belief is worth the force of 99 who have only an interest. It is nothing but a state of mind that governs behavior. There is no magic. Beliefs are choices, just programmed feelings. Make the right choices, and believe you can.”


Believing in yourself is truly the most important quality you can have. The people who make it to the Major Leagues, win a National Championship, start their own business, whatever the case may be, are the ones that ultimately believe that they can. These people are not extraordinary by any means, they are just as ordinary as you and me. The key difference that separates them from the rest is their constant and relentless desire and belief to be the best and make it to the top.


Baseball is a constant game of failure, and it is really easy to have negative self-talk and lose faith in yourself and your teammates. You may have a terrible performance on the mound one game and doubt your training. You cannot let negative beliefs enter into your mind and push you off the track of where you want to go and who you want to become. Only a handful of people will believe in you throughout your life, and I mean genuinely believe in you, like your mother, father, siblings, close relatives, husband, wife, etc. You have to feed your mind with success and believe in yourself – tell yourself you can!


Continue to believe in yourself and whatever you wish to become because what we tell ourselves and what we believe we can do can really change our lives.


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